Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dart Playoffs Round 2

Tuesday we began Round 2 of the playoffs. We played at home and after a few cocktails, A huge announcement from Shawn Dillion and some lighting and electrical work, we were ready to go. It was nice to see Jeff there to bring some humor and support the squad. I had a commitment earlier in the night so I was not able to pregame with the guys and I am sure I missed some funny stories about the Mustache Pub Crawl, but there is more on that later in the post. Anyway let me get right into the match reviews:

501: Won 2 & Lost 1
Bright & Shawn Larry started out hot and it was a close game at the mid point. They built up a 100 point lead and SL Busted on a 93 out. The other team quickly tied it up and had a shot at the out. Brighto hit a huge 53 to knock it down to a 1 dart out, and they ended it just in time.

Welch & Whitley got on first and it was a close game most of the way. DW hit 3 single bulls (I guess just to show everyone he can) and it was even at the 100 point mark. The other team got to the out first, and Mark threw a great toss to get there as well. Both teams had their chances and they each ended up on Double 1. After a bunch of tries at it the other team finally hit it.

Jared & I got right on and ran it down, and the other team did the same. In the end Jared threw a great triple 17, double 6 for the win.

Cricket: Won 1 - Lost 2
Mark & Jeb ran into a tough team. They played from behind early and made a good charge but the other team kept slamming points. It was too much to overcome and the overall match was evened up at 2-2.

SL & I got up early in the match but faded in the middle. We made a charge by hitting 4 corks in 1 turn but it was not enough.

TB & Jared built a good lead early and the other team tried to make a comeback. They kept the pressure on and when it came down to the corks and T&J closed it out fast.

After 6 games it was 3-3

301 Won 6 & Lost ZERO
SL got on right away in game 1 and it was close the whole way. It came down to the first to hit the double and SL took it down. In game 2 it was another game that was close from start to finish. SL again wasted no time in taking it down. Solid win to take back the match lead at 4-3.

TB was on a mission in game 1 he built up a 200+ point lead and took it out on his first try. In game 2 they both got on early and it was close to the end. TB got himself down to a tough odd number out but fixed it and hit the double right away.

DW spotted a 260 point lead in game 1. He threw a bunch of 50+ throws to get back into it. It came down to 1 dart for the win and they both had their chances and DW willed it in first. In game 2, I was too busy listening to pub crawl stories (see below) to keep notes but I did see DW take it down for a great win.

During the game it seemed that every time Derek started to talk about something other than darts he shot well. I figured I’d keep distracting him until it stopped working. Oddly enough it kept working and he won the game. With our combined levels of ADD, I really don’t remember much about the conversation but my notes tell me it had something to do with the pub crawl, lawyers taking meds that don't make a vagina lonely, back alley BJ's, people skipping out on tabs and getting caught and drunken messes. DW you have my permission to edit this post and fill in the details as I am sure it is funny stuff!

Jeb made a great comeback in game 1 for the win. In game 2 he was down early again and was faced with a 125 point deficit. At one time in the game he was down 250. He came alive late but the opponent hit the out just before he had a shot at it. In game 3 he struggled again to get in but tied the score at 187. They both had shots to win it and Jeb grabbed it first.

I played well and took 2 straight games for the win.

Supa P got on first and it was close the entire way. They both got stuck on a tough number and hit good darts to get to the out. It all came down to the Double 1 and who wanted it more. Of course P hit it! In game 2 they both got on in the first throw. P fell behind a bit in the middle and hit a trip 20 to take the lead and followed it with another 60. They both had a few throws to close it out and P got caught on another odd out. He fixed it but it was too late. In the rubber match the other guy got on first and P answered. The other guy hit great darts to get down to the out first and P hit great darts to take it away!

I know I do not add many details (other than the match recaps) and there are a few reasons for that. First, I often score the games so I can’t hear a lot of the BS that gets tossed around. Secondly, I would much prefer to enjoy the night than worry about trying to remember details. And third, if you really want to know what happens at darts, show up! With that said I do remember a funny conversation with Jeb and Derek. While Jeb was cheering me on in the singles match he kept calling me “Foles”. Derek was cracking up thinking he was calling me “balls”. Over the years, I think every member of the team (and there has easily been more than 20 people on and off our roster over the years) has had a few nicknames. While “Balls” certainly has a ring to it, I think I prefer Godell.

We ended the night in great shape to move on to the next round. The Final score was 9 Wins & 3 losses so we head to Brockton on Thursday needing just 4 wins out of 12 games to move on. The player of the night could have gone to Supa P (1-0) or Jared (2-0) because they were both undefeated, but I am giving the nod to Tim Bright (3-0). He hit the winning darts in 501 and Cricket and he was lights out in the singles match.

If you are planning on making it on Thursday night we are playing at the Protectors Club in Brockton. The address is 50 Herrod Ave and I suggest that you get there early as it might be over fast.