Thursday, May 17, 2012

Darts playoff update

Playoffs started on Tuesday and we are playing a home & home series against a team from Coops. Each match has 12 different games and the first to win 13 moves on. Jeff was battling an eye issue so he did not show but everyone else was there and ready to play. The team from Coops won 10 more points than we did in the regular season but going into this match we are tied 0-0.

501: Won 1 & Lost 2:

Shawn Larry and I started the night the right way. We faced a decent team and we both played good enough to take the win.

Mark & Derek ran into a very strong team that never let up. They hung in there but lost.

Brighto & Jeb played a great match. It was neck and neck from the start right to the 100 point mark. It became a race for the out and unfortunately the other team got there first.

Cricket: Won 3 - Lost ZERO:

Supa P and I jumped out to an early lead and maintained it past the mid point. We were fading late but we hit the darts that we needed to grab the win.

Tim & SL played an awesome game. Both teams ran it down and grabbed points on the way. In the end Brighto hit 2 corks and SL hit the 3rd for the win.

Mark & Jeb played against the toughest team and it was a great game...for us. They were close in the first 1/3 of the game and then Mark & Jeb turned it on. Many points were scored but it did not matter and M&J won.

301 Won 2 & Lost 4:

SL lost game 1 in a close one. He got stuck on a bad out number and kept busting. In game 2, he got on first and built a small lead. At the 100 point mark it was just about tied. They both got it to the out and SL took it down. In game 3, Shawn got on in the first throw and hit a 120 on the second toss. His opponent made a charge and it came down to doubles again. After a bunch of tries SL got it done.

Jared and his opponent got right on and the other guy got hot and took a lead in game 1. Jared got right back into it at the 100 point mark but the other guy hit a quick out. In game 2 Jared got on first and built a solid lead. A scoring error by their scorer delayed the game and it seemed to hurt Jared’s momentum. It got real close but Jared hit the out. In game 3, Jared hit the on with the first dart and so did his opponent. It was a close game all the way down but the other guy wasted no time on the out.

Derek had a tough start but a nice come back in game 1. It proved too little too late and he lost. Game 2 it was a battle. They both worked their way down to the double 1 out and the other guy hit it.

Jeb played great in game 1 and built up a 100+ lead. He got stuck on a tough out but fixed it after a few throws. It came down to the first to hit the double 1 and after a hundred or so throws the other guy hit it. In game 2 Jeb got on first and hit a 100 on throw 2. The other guy hung around and hit a few darts to take it away.

I played a crazy 3 game set. Lost the first game and then took the next 2 for the win.

Supa played great in game 1 and had a shot at the out but lost. In game 2 he fell behind early and caught up fast. The other guy wasted no time hitting the out.

Final score 6 Wins & 6 losses which is a bit disappointing considering we were ahead most of the match. Again this is a race to 13 so we really need to take care of business in the 501’s and cricket games.

Player of the night is a split between Shawn and me because we both went 3-0. Other guys played better it comes down to W’s.

Tonight we will try to grind out 7 quick wins to advance. If you are out and about in the Q, stop by to support the team.