Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Live from Miami

I guess Chrissy doesn't want to post weekend kick off chicks anymore? Thought he'd last longer than a week. I am sorry for any typos that may occur in this posting since im using my new droid X and am sitting on my ass in the Miami airport.

Let's get onto the things I learned this past weekend.
1. Mikey T and Willie are players.
2. There are some down right crazies in my family.
3. Timmy Bright thinks Julie and Kim are no super hotties.
4. You miss so much that you don't know at a wedding.
5. Casinos plus marriage equals good times.
6. Even when messing up your vows, only adds to the story of your wedding.
7. I still hate case hot dogs.
8. Apparently melted chocolate softens the skin.
9. The Vodoo bar in Mystic has tons of spicy food.
10. Verizon rules. The wife got a phone upgrade. I got a new free phone. They threw in another phone in all for$ 200 bucks. That's 2 Samsung fascinates and one Droid X for one low price.
11. Macys sale prices are rediculous.
12. I guess all white dudes look like Jimmy Fallon.

Have a nice week. See ya for hockey next Saturday

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Cell

This is a picture of a super cell thunderstorm. Nature is a marvelous, scary thing.

Grinch Sneakers

For an entire generation, Kobe Bryant(notes) has been appearing on national TV on Christmas afternoon or evening while an entire generation of fans has muttered under their breath while complaining about a family that has chosen the wrong words to describe (an entire generation's) choices in life, as it was for the entire generation that proceeded it, and the one that proceeded that one, and so on.

Kobe Bryant's latest choice in life? Via Trey Kerby, from The Basketball Jones? It's an Ecto Cooler-styled sneaker based around the brilliance of Theodor Geisel's "How The Grinch Stole Christmas!" fable. And he'll wear it on Christmas, in a game against the Miami Heat (natch) for all of us to behold.

These are the ugliest sneakers i have ever seen, and to see these with the addition of a purple, yellow uniform it might just be the ugliest pro sport uniform in the world! great marketing because now I will tune in just to see it.

Bad Ass Dog #2 that Derek should get Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a catch dog used with cattle and swine, and also in wild boar hunts. It is also used by night watchmen, keepers, and, in the past, by carters.

In the more distant past this breed was common all over Italy as an ample iconography and historiography testify. In the recent past its distribution was limited to some districts of Southern Italy, especially in Puglia, Molise, Calabria.

Its name derives from "cane da corso" which is an old term for those catch dogs used in rural activities (for cattle and swine; boar hunting) as distinct from "cane da camera" which indicates the catch dog kept as a bodyguard.

The breed was recovered from near extinction through the efforts of enthusiasts in the 1970s[4], the Corso is now popular globally, as can be seen by recent celebrity ownership of Cane Corsos.

The Corso favours strength combined with agility. The Cane Corso has a very high need for training, exercise and early socialization.

Since coming to the United States in 1987 the breed has gained popularity.[citation needed] It was recognized by the United Kennel Club on July 15, 2008 under the name Cane Corso Italiano[5], and subsequently by the American Kennel Club in 2010 under the name Cane Corso[6].A average of long life for cane corso is 10 to 11 years,depends of his treatment and life.

Week 11 is in the books!!

 From the desk of TMX a fantasy football reporting source with a loose affiliation with folan.com...

The race for the bottom is heating up and so is the race to finish in the money!! This weeks winner was BeachBums who showed everyone what double points can do for you! Picking up 84.5 from the Rodgers to Jennings connection to finish the week with 167! Careful people the MoneyPit is making moves on top of moves, finished the week with 161 which would have won him week 2,4 and 6 thru 10 but this is week 11 so all you get is 2nd place!! UnmarkedBills are scratching and clawing to get to the top this week picking up the Cleveland Browns defense led by free agent Willie McGinest (pickup of the week just edging out bjge) letting people know they want the top spot!! TMX has always been a fan of big Willie Mac so we took the time out to call him. Hey Willie its us your friends at TMX hows it going? “its cool you know I’m watching the kids grow up and helping out doing some coaching and charity work, you know just enjoying RETIREMENT” huh Willie did you say you don’t play for the Cleveland Browns defense? That cant be? TMX was told by one of the Unmarked Bills that they picked up the Browns because you were on them? “nah dog I’m retired what kinda fool picks up a defense and brags like it wasn’t luck and then thinks I still play there TMX didn’t you break that I retired in 2008 and wanted to retire a Patriot?” Oh yeah Willie you’re right enjoy retirement, guess GM of UnmarkedBills didn’t get that………………..
Now on to the team that finished in last for the week. Sflabo’s Home for Rehabilitated Wizards. Sflabo’s team is quite frankly the biggest enigma this league has seen in years!! The team has won 2 weeks and has also finished with the lowest week you never know what you’re getting!! This weeks totals are as follows: Vick 20pts; Fjones 8.5; Turner 24.5; Marshall 5.5; Moss 0; Miller 3.5; Carpenter 0; Giants 11. for a total of 73 points. You read that right he had two players in the lineup that totaled 0!! 73 points with 2 goose-eggs? Pretty impressive actually.

The two players who didn’t put up points on the season one has put up 83 and the other 61 so obviously you’d expect points from the man who has totaled 83 thus far so there is no way you could’ve sat KICKER Dan Carpenter so that play TMX understood but as for Mr. Moss apparently he’s nothing without Welker!! Dez Bryant outscored both your wide receivers combined with only one catch! TMX does not tell you who to play we are just here to point out who you should be thinking about playing as the race for the basement is getting tight. TMX did however make a call to Mr. Sixty Points himself Mr. Michael “Ultimate Weapon” Vick to ask him why the off week?

Hey Mr Vick its TMX how’s everything? “its cool winning games for a team that wanted to start some Kolb cat over me” Yeah I hear ya but what happened this week? 20pts is respectable but it’s a 40pt drop off from the week before? “ Really TMX we gonna go there? Did you see the defense that dude started? He started the defense I was playing against? How many times they gonna come after me TMX how many times? Obviously Flabo owns a dog and is still bitter, I served my time let it go Flabo! Aint no one else starting defenses vs their number one star, it aint right TMX it aint right” Mike calm down I’m sure he didn’t know the Willie McGinest led Browns were available so he had no choice. “ cool I like this flabo guy he got some Wizard in him, my b I’m just worked up.
Justice TMX not JustUS y’know” I hear ya thanks for your time Mr. Vick. Geez not sure that explains anything but we make the calls to try and help.

Week 12 has 3 Thursday games so make sure you check your lineups for Thanksgiving day action and the trade deadline is approaching get the trades going for the final weeks!

Good luck and as always FOLAN.COM for everything.

After 11 weeks here are the standings:
1. DEVILS 1351.0

2. UNMARKBILL 1262.0

3. BEACHBUMS 1204.0

4. MFNMP 1198.5

5. VILLENZ 1193.5


7. BBROWN 1109.5

8. SLIPERYWIZ 1104.0

9. SSOLDIERZ 1071.0

10. SFLABOHFRW 1071.0

Monday, November 22, 2010

This Sunday

I support all things MUSTACHE AND MOVEMBER:

Its in honor of the month of MOVEMBER to generate awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Lots going on, lots of mustache madness. The flyer explains most. The main activities start at 6pm.
Hope you can spread word or even better make it through.

Less than one week

Chrissy was right. The closer you get to the actual wedding day the more people annoy you and harass you with stupid comments.

Lets get to it, the things I learned this weekend:
1. Matty Hughes got knocked the fuck out!
2. Smiddy blows off birthday partys for Stats and crushing it. You know the saying 1 in the hand is better than 2 in a bush.
3. Mikey T is bringing his own wine glasses for him and Mamma TK to the wedding:

4. I guess 40% of the population believes marriage is obsolete.
5. In order to keep a low handicapped in golf. You must be playing any and all times.
6. Louie's Crossing is pretty legit.
7. I would think that you would have to show a license to get a marriage certificate.
8. I can't believe the Pats are already selling their playoff tickets.
9. Brian Folan's day of relaxation and chilling has always been Sunday and he would sleep his day away if he could.
10. I am 100% addicted to Angry birds, more so trying to get 3 stars on every level.
11. I signed up for Twitter, so that no one would take the drunknothings handle @drunknothings. I don't follow anyone and I am not doing anything with it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thats gotta hurt

Argument between exotic dancers ends in stabbing

Kansas City police arrested an exotic dancer early today after she allegedly stabbed another dancer during an argument at closing time. 
The stabbing occurred about 2:45 a.m. at Baccala, 4704 Independence Ave., the former site of Gerry’s Silver Slipper. The suspect used an eyeliner wand or pencil in the attack, said Gary Majors, manager of the city’s regulated industries division.
The 27-year-old victim suffered four wounds and was treated and released from a hospital. Police arrested the 29-year-old suspect. Detectives were planning to give the case file to prosecutors today for consideration of criminal charges.

Police said they don’t know exactly what prompted the argument, which did not occur onstage but rather in a back room as the women were changing clothes.

The club changed its name last year after a series of violent incidents, including a double homicide in the parking lot, a shooting involving a security guard and a fight outside involving 20 people, several of whom were stabbed. The city suspended the club’s liquor license for 66 days last summer for multiple ordinance violations.

The newly named club opened sometime after Dec. 16 and its website describes it as, “A cut above the rest. A laid back Hip Hop and R&B atmosphere (sic.)” The site also says: “From batchular (sic) parties to birthday parties we can accomodate (sic) your needs.”

Where to begin with this story? The multiple incidents in the past? The loss of their liquor license for 66 days or the fact that they spell bachelor, "Batchular"?

I am actually going to start with bitches stabbing each other with eyeliner wands and pencils - 4 times!! Wouldn't that shit break after one stabbing? ITS A FUCKING PENCIL. Did this savvy stripper tape hers up and make it a shiv?

Why call your place Baccala? Isn't that some sort of Italian fish meal? Gerry's Silver Slipper was perfectly fine for a name but if you were to change and go for a "laid back hip hop and R&B atmosphere" why not change Gerrys to Tonys, Silver to Platinum and Slipper to Players? Tonys Platiumum Players - now thats a strip club I can hang at. That is the type of name change that will totally revamp your image and send out the proper vibe to the masses.

It's stories like this that give strip clubs a bad name. You never hear of this happening at the Squires, The Glass slipper, 10's or The Golden Banana. Probably because most of those clubs employ ladies with a small bit of class.

Stories like this make me smile though. Strippers stabbing Strippers

Friday, November 19, 2010


hello blog readers. this is my first attempt at contributing solo. it will take me a few posts to work out the kinks but as we all know, it cant be any worse than half the shit that gets posted on here. i would like to thank mr booze for allowing me the opportunity but does he really know what hes getting into now that i don't have to send him my posts to edit?? i am taking over the weekend kick off girl. i am gonna spin it into a combination of G.I.W.L.T.F/weekend kick off/ style girl celebrity gossip.

Eva longoria is recently single this week. she filed for divorce from tony parker after just three years of marriage. i just passed the three year marriage mark myself but if eva needs someone to comfort her, CALL ME!! so what went wrong here? tony sending hundreds of texts to his former teammates wife. now i have included three pics of erin barry. she is no slouch herself, but she is not even close to eva's level. but don't get me wrong, ill rub one out to her im sure.

A good friend once told me that my everything is not your everything. "chrisy, my everything starts with a blowjob and ends with a black eye" this got me thinking, yes we can all agree eva is much hotter, but this erin chick must be a freak! i have to read some of these sexts. im hoping to sign on tmx as a fact finder (at least 30%) and get to the bottom of this. well with out further interruption, a few pics.

I know not as many as usual but i will get better. email me with suggestions, chrisy143@hotmail.com

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Don't Know Nothing About...

Here are Drunknothings we are always trying to broaden our readership with any and all types of postings. William J. Smiddy, who is a dapper and debonair, has signed on with a new posting - "You Don't Know Nothing About..."
He is going to be reviewing date places, restaurants and other things that a serial dater would be doing. So from his finger tips to your eyes.

You Don't Know Nothing About...Moo!
                                (This is not actually William J. Smiddy in the photo)

Ok so here it is folks my very first restuarant review. So last Friday myself and my newest lady, the Charlestown transplant, as I like to call her went to MOOO on Beacon St. I knew this place was fancy when I pulled up to the valet and the dude was wearing a suit, WTF I mean really dude a fucking suit!!!

In any event we started off the night by ordering a lovely, expensive bottle of cabernet and 2 ceasar salads, the salads were a little too over dressed for our liking! Next came the main course I ordered the bone in delmonico steak, which was the best I ever had and she ordered the surf and turf special, filet with a garlic buttered lobster tail. I have to say the surf and turf was the way to go! For dessert  we went with the the hot lava choclate cake with coffee ice cream it would have been good if the cake came out hot. 

The waitstaff was very knowledgeable with the menu and it didn't hurt that the hostess was hot as fuck and she knew it, man she had  bombs!!! 

All around I give MOOO an 8 out of a 10.  

Week 10 review

From the desk of TMX a fantasy football reporting source with a loose affiliation with folan.com...

Week 10 is in the books and we are heading to the home stretch!! 
 First TMX wants to mention the performance of Head slippery wizard Michael Vick aka THE ULTIMATE WEAPON. TMX spoke with CEO of the slippery wizards and asked how it felt to watch his teams namesake put up 62 points and put him back in the basement and slam the bulkhead shut " was kinda like seeing your ex girl in porn, your angry and disgusted yet wish you'd hung in there for that  and I'd be lying if I didnt wish Vick was still with the Wizards." The winner this week was Dillons VIllenz aptly named as Dwayne Bowe basically stole the week with the garbage points he started putting up in the end of the 3rd quarter down 42-7. 
Now onto the reason TMX is here to help the team that came in last place. This week that team is UNMARKED BILLS aka team smelchie. The totals are as follows: Sanchez 27; Foster 11.5; Peterson 9; Edwards 7; Owens 8; Keller 3.5; Feeley 4; Lions 9 for a decent total of 79pts.  The Bills are in second place but also possess arguably the two best rbs and a top qb. They broke out to an early lead and now are are sliding.  
TMX wasnt able to speak with FOT ( friend of TMX) Wes Cash he declined comment for this article so they did the next best thing and used an old quote that applies. Wes Cash once said "its not how you enter the room its how you leave". Looks like they took the room by storm but are now getting pushed out the back door. An obvious improvement would be to make a move on defense and split up the wide receivers. Defense wins championships and sitting the colts and their 25pts is unacceptable! The Ocho/TO dilemma isnt going away. Who do you start? Is Keller going to be consistent enough to make a push? Are they willing to step out of their comfy mock turtleneck/blue button down and make a trade with someone other than BBrown? The deadline is coming and they are within striking distance with Gates injured? Its a matter of are they going to make a move or just hold on? 
CEO William Smiddy also declined comment when asked due to a gag order imposed by the aforementioned Wes Cash. Questions will continue to come from TMX and if we can get answers we will report them! TMX  here to help. 
Good luck in week 11 and as always FOLAN.COM for everything!

Ths standings with 7 weeks to go
1. DEVILS 1226.0 
2. UNMARKBILL 1125.0  
3. VILLENZ 1076.5  
5. MFNMP 1037.0 
6. BEACHBUMS 1037.0  
7. SFLABOHFRW 998.0  
8. SSOLDIERZ 973.5  
9. BBROWN 973.5  
10. SLIPERYWIZ 954.5

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dart review week 11

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Monday, November 15, 2010

12 days

After a weekend that seemed to drag on, it is back to the grind. The wedding is 12 days away and we are just trying to button up any last minute things that may pop up. The last payment, the final seating chart, the final counts of who is eating what, who is staying where, the shuttle arrival/departure times, the menu for the cocktail reception and every other minute detail.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Never disrespect the garden and post it online.

2. The new Pats kicker Shane Graham has the same body as Smiddy.
3. When eating with Rio you can't order appetizers. Dude yells at waitresses.
4. Watching the NFL redzone on your phone isn't that fun.
5. I shouldn't erase all texts, especially when one is things I learned this weekend.
6. Smiddy is more into Snookie than Jwow, if you know what im saying ladies.
7. How the hell did I pull a hamstring from raking leaves? Really??
8. Good and consistent Chinese food is hard to find.
9. I can no longer buy my dress shirts off the rack. Not when I am rocking a size 19 neck.
10. Big Bob works too hard for his money to be gambling.
11. Little baby Sharon looks like a cabbage patch kid and is pretty big for a 2 month old.
12. Make sure 2" screws don't go through the bathroom wall.
13. There are 3 Gronkowski brothers in the NFL.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Darts update Week #10

Sorry for the delay, but things have been very busy at the White house and I was on a 3-day beer summit. We began week 10 in 4th place only 3 points away from the 3rd place team but just 5 points ahead of the 5th place team. I assume that they are actually ahead of us considering they have 2 game matches that have not been credited yet. If this is the case, we are on the outside looking in for the playoffs.

Tuesday we played the 6th place team which should have been a layup but we somehow found a way to make it hard.

Match details:
601's Lost both games (0-2)
Cricket - lost the first two won the 3rd (1-2)
301's - won the first 3 lost the next 2 and won the final game to finish 6-5 loss.

How does a guy graduate with a degree in finance struggle in simple math?
Who says one in a row?

What did we learn tonight:
Some #'s just kick ass in Keno, and KB and I had it going on late night at Peggy's.
Next time you get a chance drop a buck or two on the following and you can thank me later. CBV's favorite 1 number play = 11. The luckiest man I know (Wallace) favorite play = 6-9-69 and of course the Prez's favorite is the solo play of 32 in honor of OJ.

Next week I'll be in DC for work and the DTF'ers will be taking on the team from Ups & Downs at Peggy's. Hopefully DW will take care of the update for Week 11.

'Til next time bitches,

Black Ops

Black Ops: flying off the shelves
Call of Duty: Black Ops isn't just a hit with critics: it's a huge success with consumers too, according to preliminary sales figures from publisher Activision.

And when they say huge, they mean huuuuuuge. The Cold War-themed shooter sold 5.6 million copies during its first 24 hours across North America and the UK, generating an estimated $360 million in sales.

If Activision's projections prove accurate, it'll make Black Ops the biggest entertainment launch of all time, beating the record set by the previous Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2, this same time last year.

"There has never been another entertainment franchise that has set opening day records for two consecutive years and we are on track to outperform last year's five-day global sales record of $550 million," said Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. "The game's success underscores the pop culture appeal of the brand."

I have played Black Ops and this game is as advertised the multiplayer is the bread and butter of the game hours of fun. The campaign is very well thought out with a good storyline not to mention the main characters voice is Sam Worthington. I give it 9.5 Score.

Bad Ass Dog that derek should get Dogo Argentino

Dogos are big-game hunters and are sometimes trained for search and rescue, police assistance, and military work. Due to their physical capabilities, they are not common family pets, though they are sometimes kept by experienced dog handlers.[1]

Dogos Argentinos are protective of what they perceive as their territory and will guard it against any intruder. They get along with other dogs as long as they have been properly socialised, but will usually not tolerate another dog trying to assert dominance over them and might not coexist peacefully with another dominant breed of dog. They can develop an aggressive or dominant temperament if not socialised with other dogs at an early age, particularly with other dogs of the same sex. The dog lives 9 to 13 years.

This dog is ranked as one of the top 10 guard dogs in the world.....can you say home security system.

Night at the B's

Before I get to the weekend kick off girl, I figured I would do my night at the Bruins recap. After opening night, I said I would do a nightly recap after every Bruins game that I attend this year,maybe I should start taking notes? Nah that would make it too easy (Plus I don't want to be one of those dorks on his phone typing in funny anecdotes and giggling at myself - just creepy and dorky).

The normal B's crew is MikeyT, Rio, Big Bob and I. Sometimes we bump into Paget, Albie or Manning but for the most part it is just us 4 drinking, eating and bullshitting before the game. So after a long day of work, I headed over to the Garden with MikeyT and cranky Rio to meet up with Big Bob. We still haven't settled on a pregame drinking spot for the year but we were hungry so we grab some food at Beer Works. Beer Works food is decent (I can't ever recall having a bad meal there), the wait staff is always friendly (maybe overly friendly) and they have a weird mix of characters that pregame there (it's not a star wars bar but it mixes all walks of life). Now I could easily fit in with the Beer Works crowd for pregaming but those draftys always seem to hit hard when you are sitting in your seats. I mean if I wanted to get that tore up then I would be pounding vodka tonics, redbull vodkas and gin and tonics(I am over Captain and cokes) plus I pass out! I am a pass out drunk how would that look with me passed out in seat 30 halfway into the 1st period. So Beer Works is out.

We settle on Sullys Tap for beers. Every one likes Sullys - from suits to homeless COUPLES. The beer prices are fair, they have pool tables, Golden Tee, the basketball free throw game, grimy old tv's, a juke box that has no updated songs on it and hostile/ballbreaking bartenders. Plus they have Barcast and DEREK LOVES BARCAST. Its like a huge game to me, uploading pictures, starting verbal arguments and getting caught up on celebrity facts, all from my bar stool. MikeyT and Big Bob start hitting up the Molson girls for free shirts. MikeyT ends up the winner with 4 free shirts for the night. Big Bob just gets 2. I like Sullys but I don't wish to drink there before every B's game. I don't care they were named Bostons best pregame hockey spot. It gets overcrowded, the bathrooms are sketchy, I heard there was a dude cock peeping in the bathroom and the place gets to be 120 degrees in there. I don't know if it's hot because its crowded or they jack up the heat to get people to buy more beers. Either way I will not step foot in Sullys for the next B's game.

Usually when we play Montreal there are a ton of Canadians running around. They bus them in from every where. Last night they were few and far between. I looked around at the game and there couldn't of been more than 500 total. I don't know if this stems from the Bruins season ticket holders keeping their seats for the game or just total lack of care from the Canadian fans for an early season Original 6 game. I'm hoping its the former but either reason is good for me. Anytime they don't have the chance to start their lame ass Olay chant is icing on the cake.

The B's came out flat. They looked slow, tired and at times disinterested. I am chalking it up to the fact that they got in late from their come from behind win the night before. They had a few shifts where they looked like they were going to be coming out of it but then nothing, it just wasn't meant to be. When Mark Recci is tearing shit up and is your best player on the ice, 9 times out of 10 you are not going to win. Last night was one of those nights. I don't know if Tuukka was just rusty or just having an off night.

I have always viewed Canadians in 2 groups - French Canadian and English speaking Canadians (maybe that makes me wrong). Pretty straight forward and simple. In the province of Quebec their primary language is French. The rest of their country the primary language is English. I guess this offended a guy wearing a Mike Cammilerri shirt because I was in the beer line and he was bragging about the Habs so asked if he was French Canadian? He replied Canadians are Canadians. I told him I agreed but some speak French and some don't. He then started yelling at me about how American schools teach Spanish and it's no different. I told him we offer Spanish in the classrooms but we don't use it as our primary language in one state and not the other? Anyways he was mad, I was drunk and he may of wanted to throw down but I couldn't understand him after he started turning as red as his shirt and stammering in Frenglish. I left this budding shit show and moved along to meet Rio and Big Bob in between periods at a table.

You won't find this shit on FaceBook:

I know what you guys are thinking? Who the hell are these 2 broads? The answer: No fucking clue. What you should of been looking at is that bedazzled bad ass B's purse on the table. That shit was shining bright from across the room.

Back to the game. The score was tied 1-1 after two periods and there was a building anxiety every time the B's touched the puck. That anxiety quickly turned to a collective sigh when the Habs scored to make it 2-1. But unlike in past years when that goal would of killed the crowd everyone was still on the edge of their seats waiting for the B's to pounce. That moment never came and the Habs scored again with about 10 minutes left. B's lose 3-1. The next game is Saturday night against Ottawa.

By the way anytime you end up at Hennesseys after a game you know it was a good night.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Thank you for our freedom!

You don't say

I have been pretty fucked up before but I have yet to get to this level.
Plus I don't swim...

I love the heart between the kiss and the jealous turned around fish on the right.

Next up: The Harvest Fest!

Every year I plan to make it to this Beer Summit but every year I don't. I really don't have any real excuses. Either I forget, they sell out faster than I anticipate, plans get messed up, I would rather watch a college football game that day, or something else comes up. One of these years I will make it and I hope some of you will come with

Harvest Fest tickets are on sale now, and the show is November 19th & 20th, 2010.
This will be our second year of the Harvest Fest, and you will see some of the best local, regional, national and international brewers displaying their Fall & Winter styles of beer.

We will have three sessions to choose from this show:

* Buy Tickets Friday Night 6-9:30pm
* Buy Tickets Saturday Afternoon 12:30 - 4pm
* Buy Tickets Saturday Night 5:30 - 9pm

Brewers Coming to Harvest Fest, as of 11/1/2010:
Abbaye Affligem, Berkshire Brewing, Blue Hills Brewery, Boulder Beer, Brauerei Zipf, Bernardynski Royal Mead, Black Sheep Brewery, Brooklyn Brewery, Cape Ann Brewing, Cisco Brewers, Clown Shoes Beer, Cody Brewing, D.L. Geary Brewing, Element Brewing, Eurobrew, Flying Goose Brew Pub, Franziskaner Weissbeer Brewery, Frosty Knuckle, Gerbs Pumpkin Seeds, Gina Cigar, Golden Pheasant, Haverhill Brewing/The Tap, Heavy Seas Brewing, Hugs & Halos, Innis & Gunn, Kalnapilis Beer, Kona Brewing, Kurpiowski Royal Mead, Lagunitas Brewing, Lomza Beer, Long Trail Brewing, Magic Hat Brewery, Marston's Beer, Mayflower Brewing, McAuslan Brewery, McNeill's Brewery, Mercury Brewing, Narragansett Beer, New Century Brewing, Newport Storm Brewery, Olde Burnside Brewing, Opa Opa Brewing, Original Sin Hard Cider, Otter Creek Brewing, Paper City Brewery, Peak Organic Brewing, Perla. Redhook Brewery. Sam Adams, Saku Ă•lletehas, Saranac, Shipyard Brewery, Southern Tier Brewing, Spaten Brewery, Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan, Stawski Imports, Stiegl Beer, Thomas Hooker Ales & Lagers, Tuckerman Brewing, Widmer Brothers Brewery ,Woodchuck Cider, Woodstock Inn & Brewery, World Class Beer, Wychwood Brewery, Xingu Black Beer

Where is the Beer Summit Harvest Fest? This event is being held at the Park Plaza Castle in Boston, MA.

Hotter Than Pepper Spray

Hotter Than Pepper Spray: Competitive Eaters Battle 'Bhut Jolokia' Chili

(Nov. 11) -- Some foods are hot. Others are spicy. Very few are the culinary equivalent of getting blasted with pepper spray.

At a hot chicken wing eating contest today in Chicago, some of world's bravest professional eaters will get a taste of what is arguably the world's spiciest food -- the bhut jolokia pepper.

Each wing in the Battle of the Bhut XXX Wing Eating Championship at Jake Melnick's Corner Tap restaurant will be doused in a fiery chili sauce containing over 1 million Scoville heat units, according to Major League Eating Chairman George Shea.
Competitive eaters will try to eat these spicy hot wings covered in a sauce made from bhut jolokia pepper.

If you can't take the heat, don't try these wings. The world's bravest competitive eaters will take on these fiery chicken wings from Jake Melnick's in Chicago in the Battle of the Bhut XXX Wing Eating Championship on Thursday. Each wing is doused in a sauce made from bhut jolokia pepper -- the spiciest pepper known to man.

A five-second blast of law enforcement pepper spray contains about 5 million Scoville heat units, leading Shea to believe that if top eaters like Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti throw down bhut jolokia peppers the way they do jalapenos, it would be like getting hit in the face with pepper spray for 70 seconds. Voluntarily.

"I think what we're going to see is the greatest endurance of pain known to man -- in a recreational setting no less," said Shea. "This is not about eating hot wings, it's about enduring that heat. This is about bravery."

Though jalapenos and habaneros might be more famous, South Asia's bhut jolokia -- also known as the naga jolokia and the "ghost chili" -- is far hotter.

"To pepper aficionados, it's like the Hope Diamond," said Shea. "It's the biggest, the best and the hottest."

But that doesn't mean the eaters are looking forward to coming face to face with the bhut.

"This is probably going to be the worst thing I've ever done to my body," competitive eater Tim "Gravy" Brown told AOL News. "I don't even want to know what they taste like beforehand. I think it might psyche me out."

Though he's dreading the competition, Brown is confident he can win.

Unlike lengthier 10-minute contests that favor gluttons with bottomless stomachs, this shorter five-minute event is the kind of contest where quick eaters with great techniques can excel -- so long as they can handle the heat.

Brown said he has honed his wing eating strategy (avoid drumsticks due to hard-to-chew cartilage, split the bone, use the thumb to push out the flesh and strip the meat with the teeth), but he's worried about contest rules that prohibit the use of dairy products to neutralize spice.

"This is the spiciest competition out there, and they aren't even allowing dairy!" said Brown, a potato wedge eating champ. "Milk, chocolate milk, sour cream -- that's what I've used to beat the heat. But here you get nothing. I think water is all that you're allowed.

"I'm actually quite surprised they are going through with this, because it almost seems illegal," he said.

Eaters have been trying to find ways to combat the spice, from pre-emptively downing Pepto-Bismol to filling their freezers with rolls of toilet paper in preparation for the aftermath. Major League Eating veteran Crazy Legs Conti told AOL News that he's hoping to overcome the bhut with a little help from chemistry.

"I have been investigating," said Conti, a record holder in cannoli eating. "I have gone back to the periodic table of elements and really studied the science of what makes the ghost pepper so spicy.

"I have a couple of things that I am planning that are a little more science than gluttony -- numbing agents," he said. "These are all things that have not been investigated by the league."

Conti declined to disclose the non-dairy solvents he plans to use, but revealed that he hopes to contain the heat to his mouth by wearing his signature line of competitive eating gloves during the contest.

After a successful inaugural "Battle of the Bhut" competition last year, Jake Melnick's restaurant general manager Tony Bisciglia said organizers were ready to bring the contest "to another level" by inviting Major League Eating pros. That said, he expects the pros will find these wings hard to swallow.

"I've eaten them several times, and I have not had anything in my life that's hotter," said Bisciglia. "I definitely get the sweat going, and my eyes will water. The hiccups are usually inevitable."

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Despite the spice, Bisciglia insists that Jake Melnick's bhut wings pack an intense but truly delicious flavor.

"Deep Dish" Bertoletti -- the top-ranked eater going into the event -- says he doesn't want to taste that flavor at all. Bertoletti told AOL News his strategy for overcoming the heat is to try to suppress his sense of taste until the contest is over.

"I am not looking forward to tomorrow at all," he said. "I am afraid, actually. This stuff is lethal -- it's weapon-grade."

"This is definitely going to be the hardest and most challenging contest I've ever competed in," said Bertoletti, who intends to devour about 50 wings in the five-minute contest. "It's pretty easy for me to turn off the 'full switch,' but I'm not so sure about the 'heat switch.' "

I know people like hot shit. Chrissy being first and foremost in my list of friends who would take heat and spice over taste and quantity.
I have ventured to Hell Night at the East Coast Grill.
I think it's funny to make things as spicy and as hot as all possible to see who can take the heat.
I basically put hot sauce on everything.
Knowing all that I wouldnt even attempt to eat one of these fucking wings. I wouldn't even put the sauce on the tip of a tooth pick and try it. The ghost chili is not to be fucked with. Not now. Not ever. If the Indian government is using it to make grenades with, it should be telling you something.
Anyways, back to my original idea, where can I sign Chrissy up?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TMX Fantasy review of Week 9

From the desk of TMX a fantasy football reporting source with a loose affiliation with folan.com...

Week 9 is in the books!!

featuring bobbybrownsotherkid put together back to back victories. TMX spoke with the architect of UNMARKED BILLS James Gaurino who worked with the GM and instructed him to "take arian foster as soon as you can".
Mr. Guarino spoke with TMX and was ask if he was paid for his services or is getting any of the winnings? The answer was "no I am not and thats why I'm speaking to a highly recognizable and honest( 30% guaranteed) operation like TMX. All I wanted was to be mentioned for the hard work I put in to build UNMARKED BILLS" Well, Mr. Guarino TMX mentioned you and sees your efforts (counterfit BILLS?), kudos.

Now it's on to the last place finisher BEACH BUMS. They finished with the highest last place total yet and a score I'm sure the Slippery Wizards would be happy to achieve on a weekly basis 90.5. The breakdown is as follows- Rodgers 33; Forte 8.5; Mendenhall 19.5; Jennings 17.5; Calvin Johnson 1.5; Jason Witten 5.5; Pats D 4; and Gotskowski 1pt.

TMX tried to figure out what went wrong to help BEACH BUMS but when looking he started the players needed made moves that had to be made but stars didnt perform like stars and that is going to happen. TMX did however make a call to the Patriots whole team to speak with the defense and ask Gotskowski what his deal is. Hi Patriots this is TMX looking for some answers and we were immediately transferred to Wes Welker who asked " is this Randy? Randy are you coming back? Please come back Randy they are seeing how bad I am" We told him it was TMX and we needed to talk to some players who play. Gotskowski then got on the phone and was asked how hurt he was? "dude i'm a kicker I wasnt hurt I got Wes on my fantasy team and needed the points so i asked to sit out" CASE SOLVED. TMX then spoke with Brandon Merriweather representing the Pats D and asked how did you only get 4 points? " did you see the four running backs they had?(think it was just one guy?) hitting me like the big bang clock? act like lil kids" NO IDEA what Mr. Merriweather was talking about but he was obviously still woozing from getting run over from Peyton Hillis.

Well its off to week 10, the last bye week, then the final stretch. The trade deadline hasn't come so if your team is "acting like lil kids" maybe make a trade but whatever you do don't QUIT like Iggles did.

Good luck this week and remember FOLAN.COM for everything.

Standings after week 9:
DEVILS 1104.0
MFNMP 901.0
BBROWN 876.0

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

18 days of freedom

The Names have been changed but will the story stay the same? These are the questions enquiring minds want to know right. I will call these two young people in love Harry and Sally. Harry has about 18 days of freedom left in his adult male life claims to all his friends "I'm not nervous" well folks if this is true good for him but Harry the truth is you should be nervous, and afraid the world as you know it will come crashing down, and burning all around you soon mother fucking Armageddon is coming for your ass. Mean while Harry likes the house cold and Sally is biding her time for 18 more days and then blam bitch I'm not sitting in this god damn cold house one more day the heat is on and you Harry are in the frying pan at a nice comfortable 72 degrees living space amen! Then some where down the road Harry is going to wake up one morning and blam atom bomb goes off in your ear with those Magical words "Harry I'm pregnant" ...........after a long pause Harry thinks to himself damn I didn't even by my dog yet......oh well and opens the fridge and has the first of many beers that day.

this is all in good fun for you crazy lady blog readers.
these two will be just fine. Harry is an awsome dude, and lucky that Sally loves him
Good luck, best wishes the Chief Dude

Monday, November 8, 2010


When am I supposed to start getting nervous about the upcoming nuptials? A month before? A week before? A day before? The day of? Since we are under 3 weeks away(Thanks for the constant reminders), I just thought I'd share with you that so far so good and I am not yet nervous.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. The Goal Post in Quincy is just an old fashioned neighborhood bar with good food and keno.
2. I committed an ultimate no-no when I knocked a fat broads hat off at the Texas Saloon. I barely escaped with my life.
3. Chrissy's T shirts still get the ladies clamoring.
4. Mikey Layden doesn't know what "his thing" is. Maybe blogging my thing?
5. My neighbors don't like when I do work on my house at 8 am. Oops!
6. Smiddy is exploring his option in Charlestown. Look out Ironsides, the kid is coming for ya.
7. The Imperial Terrace is a straight up 70's/80's Chinese food joint. It smells like dusty mothballs deep fried in oil, the rug is sticky with booze, is dark as all hell and they have Keno(I know its not 70's but it paints a better picture). The only thing was missing was a smoking lounge. Fog cutters anyone?
8. There is always projects, ALWAYS!
9. Apparently I am the heat Nazi at my place. 64 is too cold for the boys while watching football and drinking. Hey ill turn the heat on when I can see my breath.
10. Everyone is concerned with who they are sitting with at the wedding.
11. The Penalty box is probably one of the worst bars by the Garden. It smells like diesel fuel inside and the beers are $4.50.
12. Nebo has good food but you don't get big plates for the price.
13. I have challenged Jeffrey and Larry to see how long it would take them to read a 350 page book. They tell me they don't have the attention span to read.
14. I can't seem to play the correct wide receivers in fantasy football.
15. I hate the new updated Itunes. I do not like the flow or functions they have added.
16. I couldn't pick a winner in college or the NFL this past weekend. I may of gone 0-16.

We play darts tomorrow night at Biddy Early's in town. If anyone wants to come down for some laughs and check out the Pres stop by anytime after 7:30.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Red Dawn

I so hope this movie does not blow....please don't suck be decent that's all i ask Hollywood. Growing up Red Dawn was one of my favorite teenage movies loved yelling Wolverines!!!!!! fuck those Russians yeah feel good American teenage Rambo's kicking commie ass. Well this time in the reboot we are being invaded by China and it makes sense considering the times. but like I said please don't suck don't ruin one of my favorite movies.


Everyone has been flipping out about the McRib being back for a limited time...blah blah blah. There is something creepy about pork being squished into a rib patty shape and marketed on a bun. Too weird for me, plus I don't remember being all that fond of them in high school. Don't fret though I recruited a reader to review it!

(Don't judge the chicken nuggets box on the left or the Big Mac on the right)

From Chrissys mouth(after he wiped the bbq sauce off):
I have been doing really well lately about not eating fast food, but I couldn't resist going to Mcdonald's. I mean I had to try the Mcrib, IT'S BACK. Well its bit the same shape as it used to be. They used to look like a rack of baby back ribs. Now its just a slab of "meat" pressed into a rectangle. My first bite brought back some good memories. It was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend anyone getting a few since its only back for a limited time. There is a reason the public demands this bbq sammy to come back years after it was first introduced. I have heard stories about people traveling several hundred miles just to get one. Thats a little extreme for me, but to each there own. I don't see why Mcdonalds doesn't just make it a regular every day item?? Maybe that's half the appeal, is that you can't get them all the time. Enjoy, I know I will be back for at least one more.

Marriage advice

One of the best parts(or is it worst) of getting married is the never ending ball busting/bullshitting in regards to taking the plunge. You random texts, emails and phone conversations about the good, the bad and the ugly parts of married life. For example:

These magic 21 tricks for pleasing your woman have been passed down for
centuries, and each is an old Tibetan teaching I will now share with you.

1. When she asks how she looks shrug and say "could be better" this will
keep her on her toes and girls love that.

2. Never hold her hand. This can be interpreted as a sign of weakness. (Or
if she grabs your hand squeeze hers really really hard until she cries. This
will impress her by showing her what a strong man you are.)

3. Once a month sneak up on her from behind and knock her over. Girls are
like dogs. They love to be roughed up.

4. Call her in the middle of the night to ask if she's sleeping. If she is,
say you better be. Repeat this 4 or 5 times until morning. This will
show her you care.

5. When she is upset about something, suggest to her that it might be her
fault. This will pave the way for her own personal improvement and every
girl needs some improvement.

6. Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most. Then when
she's sleeping, steal all her small things and break them, because jewelry
is for pussies and Asian ladies.

7. If you're talking to another girl, make sure shes looking. When she is,
stare into her eyes mouth the words "fuck you" and grab the other girls ass.
Girls love competition.

8. Introduce her to your friends as "some chick". Women love those special

9. Warm her up when shes cold...and not by giving her your jacket... Then
you might get cold. Rather, look her in the eye and say "if you don't stop
bitching about the cold right now you're going to be bitching about a
black eye." The best way to get warm is with fear.

10. Take her to a party. When you get there shell have to go to the bathroom
(they always do). Leave immediately. Come back right when the party's dying
and yell at her the whole way home for ditching you at the party.

11. Make her laugh. A good way to do this is if she's cooking food. knock
the food off the table. I always find stuff like that funny. Why shouldn't

12. If you care about her never ever tell her. This will only give her self
confidence. Then you can never turn her into the object she deep down
desires to be.

13. Every time you're in her house steal one of the following: shoes,
earrings, or anything else that comes in pairs. Only take one of the pair.
This way shell go crazy.

14. Give her one of your t-shirts......and make sure it has your smell on
it. but not a sexy cologne smell. A bad
smell. You know what I'm talking about.

15. Titty twisters, and plenty of them.

16. If you're listening to music, and she asks to hear it, tell her no. This
way she'll think you're mysterious.

17. Remember her birthday but don't get her something. Teach her material
objects aren't important. The only thing thats important is that she keeps
you happy. And your happiness is the greatest present she can ever get.

18. When she gives you a present on your birthday, Christmas, or just when
ever, take it and tell her you love it. Then next time you know she's coming
over on a trash day leave the trash can open and have the present visibly
sticking out of the can. Girls actually don't like this one that much but I
think it's funny.

19. If shes mad at you for not calling her when you say you will promise her
that you
will call her at a certain time of the day. This will make sure that she
waits by the phone. Tell her when you call you're going to tell her a
special surprise. Now shell be really excited. Now don't call. Ever.

20. Next time you are having sex, make sure you get off before she does,
then get off her and leave. Girls love that.

21. Remember her birthday but don't get her something. Teach her material
objects aren't important. The only thing thats important is that she keeps
you happy. And your happiness is the greatest present she can ever get.

Like I said earlier, it is one of the better things about getting married. It helps to keep everything in perspective and keep you stress free. I don't know if I am just dumb and take it the wrong way but I try to take it all in stride. (By the way #20 is my favorite)

Rainy Friday

The weekend kickoff is becoming increasingly the most emailed topic that I get throughout the week. This past week or so we have had requests for Rosario Dawson, Jordan Fish(Denny Hamlins gf), Jenny Mccarthy, Kristine Leahey and a few for chicks we already have shown - Vanessa Marcil and Sophia Vergara. I love how it is taking off and I will, in due time, post all these ladies but I have had Brooklyn Decker in the que for a while.

Kicking off this rainy fun filled weekend with Brooklyn Decker:

I also received a few texts and emails about the dart post from Mike Foley. People want to know:
1. What his nickname is?
2. Is it Flounder or The Prez?
3. Where did the nicknames in the blog post come from?
4. How come there is no more mention of the music selection?
5. What does Mike "prez" Foley look like?