Friday, November 12, 2010

Darts update Week #10

Sorry for the delay, but things have been very busy at the White house and I was on a 3-day beer summit. We began week 10 in 4th place only 3 points away from the 3rd place team but just 5 points ahead of the 5th place team. I assume that they are actually ahead of us considering they have 2 game matches that have not been credited yet. If this is the case, we are on the outside looking in for the playoffs.

Tuesday we played the 6th place team which should have been a layup but we somehow found a way to make it hard.

Match details:
601's Lost both games (0-2)
Cricket - lost the first two won the 3rd (1-2)
301's - won the first 3 lost the next 2 and won the final game to finish 6-5 loss.

How does a guy graduate with a degree in finance struggle in simple math?
Who says one in a row?

What did we learn tonight:
Some #'s just kick ass in Keno, and KB and I had it going on late night at Peggy's.
Next time you get a chance drop a buck or two on the following and you can thank me later. CBV's favorite 1 number play = 11. The luckiest man I know (Wallace) favorite play = 6-9-69 and of course the Prez's favorite is the solo play of 32 in honor of OJ.

Next week I'll be in DC for work and the DTF'ers will be taking on the team from Ups & Downs at Peggy's. Hopefully DW will take care of the update for Week 11.

'Til next time bitches,


Blog Writer Rankings Usa. said...

weak effort. chiefdude just jumped prez in the blog rankings

Blog Writer Rankings Usa. said...

weak effort. chiefdude just jumped prez in the blog rankings

Prez. said...

Who is this Chiefdude that you speak of? As a proud member of "The People of the Dawn" (that's Passamaquoddy Indian for you pale faces) I think I might want to have a beer with that Chief.

Anonymous said...

You said you were gonna get into all the nicknames. Not only was this post late this week, but it had no readable material. WORSE DART REVIEW YET

Anonymous said...

just re-read this didnt want to comment the first time plus i puked all over my keyboard. Man that review really sucked.