Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 9 Darts Update

We started week 9 in 3rd place in the standings but were probably in 4th because the team right behind us is still missing a match score. We were playing the 2nd place team - the centre bar who beat our ass in week 2 by the score of 8-3 and was sitting on 51 points. The good news is we are still looking good in the overall playoff picture with 46 points just 5 back of 2nd place.

Capt'n Derek decided to fire up the team and announce his choice for the 1st half MVP award in Cricket to Jeb with his 5-1 record. I was far too busy to look up the rest of the stats but at least this gives us all something shoot for over the last 6 weeks of the season. As of week 7, the overall win/loss records were: Kevin "2 first names" Barry 3-8, Tim "Too Quiet" Bright 8-7, Jeb "Had a bad day" Chipman 10-5, Mike "Prez" Foley 13-6, Jeff (combo of Jeff "The finance` let me show up tonight" and "Sean Larry")Lundrigan 16-6, Sean "Super P" Meehan 9-12, "Crazy" Bob Valenti 7-7, Mark "Cartoon Character" Welch 6-11, Derek "Mr. Booze" Whitley 8-9. I am sure the nicknames will bring a few comments next week and I say, "Bring 'em on!" For those that are offended, thicken up your skin and take it for the joke that it is meant to be! I'll log in a few extra blogging hours next week and provide a breakdown of each player by each game to really stir it up.

We were looking like we were going to take another bad beating as we lost 5 of the first 6 games but we were able to fight back and make it a close match. I had a chance in the final game and secure the win but failed miserably. Now I am angry and plan to channel that anger into many wins in the last 5 weeks.

The match details:
601's Lost both (0-2)
Cricket Lost games 1 & 3 and won the second (1-3)
301's Lost the first and last and won the middle 4 (4-2)
Final score 5-6

Next week we will play a team of freak shows from Good Biddy's on Pearl St in Boston. As always, come on down and have some fun!

'Til next week Bitches,

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Johnny Bullseye said...

I cant wait for the match by match breakdown! The blog needs to know who's accountable for this bridge year! Rebuilding is unacceptable