Monday, November 15, 2010

12 days

After a weekend that seemed to drag on, it is back to the grind. The wedding is 12 days away and we are just trying to button up any last minute things that may pop up. The last payment, the final seating chart, the final counts of who is eating what, who is staying where, the shuttle arrival/departure times, the menu for the cocktail reception and every other minute detail.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Never disrespect the garden and post it online.

2. The new Pats kicker Shane Graham has the same body as Smiddy.
3. When eating with Rio you can't order appetizers. Dude yells at waitresses.
4. Watching the NFL redzone on your phone isn't that fun.
5. I shouldn't erase all texts, especially when one is things I learned this weekend.
6. Smiddy is more into Snookie than Jwow, if you know what im saying ladies.
7. How the hell did I pull a hamstring from raking leaves? Really??
8. Good and consistent Chinese food is hard to find.
9. I can no longer buy my dress shirts off the rack. Not when I am rocking a size 19 neck.
10. Big Bob works too hard for his money to be gambling.
11. Little baby Sharon looks like a cabbage patch kid and is pretty big for a 2 month old.
12. Make sure 2" screws don't go through the bathroom wall.
13. There are 3 Gronkowski brothers in the NFL.

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