Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thats gotta hurt

Argument between exotic dancers ends in stabbing

Kansas City police arrested an exotic dancer early today after she allegedly stabbed another dancer during an argument at closing time. 
The stabbing occurred about 2:45 a.m. at Baccala, 4704 Independence Ave., the former site of Gerry’s Silver Slipper. The suspect used an eyeliner wand or pencil in the attack, said Gary Majors, manager of the city’s regulated industries division.
The 27-year-old victim suffered four wounds and was treated and released from a hospital. Police arrested the 29-year-old suspect. Detectives were planning to give the case file to prosecutors today for consideration of criminal charges.

Police said they don’t know exactly what prompted the argument, which did not occur onstage but rather in a back room as the women were changing clothes.

The club changed its name last year after a series of violent incidents, including a double homicide in the parking lot, a shooting involving a security guard and a fight outside involving 20 people, several of whom were stabbed. The city suspended the club’s liquor license for 66 days last summer for multiple ordinance violations.

The newly named club opened sometime after Dec. 16 and its website describes it as, “A cut above the rest. A laid back Hip Hop and R&B atmosphere (sic.)” The site also says: “From batchular (sic) parties to birthday parties we can accomodate (sic) your needs.”

Where to begin with this story? The multiple incidents in the past? The loss of their liquor license for 66 days or the fact that they spell bachelor, "Batchular"?

I am actually going to start with bitches stabbing each other with eyeliner wands and pencils - 4 times!! Wouldn't that shit break after one stabbing? ITS A FUCKING PENCIL. Did this savvy stripper tape hers up and make it a shiv?

Why call your place Baccala? Isn't that some sort of Italian fish meal? Gerry's Silver Slipper was perfectly fine for a name but if you were to change and go for a "laid back hip hop and R&B atmosphere" why not change Gerrys to Tonys, Silver to Platinum and Slipper to Players? Tonys Platiumum Players - now thats a strip club I can hang at. That is the type of name change that will totally revamp your image and send out the proper vibe to the masses.

It's stories like this that give strip clubs a bad name. You never hear of this happening at the Squires, The Glass slipper, 10's or The Golden Banana. Probably because most of those clubs employ ladies with a small bit of class.

Stories like this make me smile though. Strippers stabbing Strippers

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