Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Live from Miami

I guess Chrissy doesn't want to post weekend kick off chicks anymore? Thought he'd last longer than a week. I am sorry for any typos that may occur in this posting since im using my new droid X and am sitting on my ass in the Miami airport.

Let's get onto the things I learned this past weekend.
1. Mikey T and Willie are players.
2. There are some down right crazies in my family.
3. Timmy Bright thinks Julie and Kim are no super hotties.
4. You miss so much that you don't know at a wedding.
5. Casinos plus marriage equals good times.
6. Even when messing up your vows, only adds to the story of your wedding.
7. I still hate case hot dogs.
8. Apparently melted chocolate softens the skin.
9. The Vodoo bar in Mystic has tons of spicy food.
10. Verizon rules. The wife got a phone upgrade. I got a new free phone. They threw in another phone in all for$ 200 bucks. That's 2 Samsung fascinates and one Droid X for one low price.
11. Macys sale prices are rediculous.
12. I guess all white dudes look like Jimmy Fallon.

Have a nice week. See ya for hockey next Saturday


Julie said...

#3 can be a good thing or a bad thing......depending on the typo (w or t). I guess we have to wait until the honeymoon is over.

doerilla said...

who needs two phones? you turning into a dealer or a pimp? ;) that's what HK dave wants to know.

Anonymous said...

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