Monday, September 30, 2013

Halloween is a month away

All you closet whores better start planning your slutty costumes now. Also, people stop dressing in onesies and going as babies.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. There was a time when Chrissy could of banged Grogan.
2. Congrats to all the people out there having babies. I know a few people won't be making it to the 7th annual mustache pub crawl because they are pregnant now.
3. Jeffrey's upstairs part of his house is now 93% complete. He has finally moved up there this past weekend.
4. The 3rd annual Kubie krawl was a success. Phelpsy and the boys have grown it every year. Keep up the good work.
5. I have no idea how Muslims hate pork. That shit is delicious.
6.What part of home renovations is more stressful - the money aspect or if the work will come out good?
7. Who knew there were so many different types of light fixtures out there.
8. People hate the Nordiques but LOOOOVVVVEEE the Whalers.
9. I couldn't name more than 3 guys on the Cleveland Indians - Giamibi, Masterson and Swisher after that no effing clue.
10. Everyone has an opinion on Obamacare. One way or another.
11.Why does it seem like the weekends last shorter and shorter.
12. How long is too long for a beard? Is Duck Dynasty beard length acceptable? Asking for a friend.
13. Newton gave me a set of golf clubs. Does he know I am not a golfer by any means. I just like a good time drinking.
14. Pretty sure there are life lessons in most things that we do.
15. Jeffrey is addicted to Groupon.
16. Chrissy is at the point now where all he cares about is his baby being healthy and not what the babies name is.
17. Are Native Americans upset by the term Indian summer?
18. If you had to rank the Boston teams popularity right now are they Red Sox 3rd behind the Patriots and Bruins? I am hearing more about opening night For the Bruins on Thursday than I am about the Sox having the best record in the American league and making the playoffs.
19. I should tweet more but I feel like I am always getting caught up.
20. Leave it to Chrissy to argue about a bait and switch in cover bands and he gets free cover charge.
21. Whoever says the housing market is down has not seen all the buildings going up in and around Southie.
22. Children's books are not cheap.
23. Vinegar is a wonder cleaner.
24. Who is looking for old baseball cards? Someone found a box full and dropped em off to me.

See you all at the Bruins home opener.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TMX week 3 review

 Tmx is back with the week 3 fantasy recap!! 

The wild season continues with injuries piling up (someone wake up Jermichael Finley ???) Four starters this week posted goose-eggs!! Finley, Richardson, Nicks and Dbowe Tmx is calling you out!! Due to the twitter world starting #teamiggles uprising this week we are going right to the All Iggles team. TMX is for the people!!! Here we go!!

QB-                     R.Wilson                        29pts                           Sflabo
RB-                     J. Bell                            21pts                           Sflabo
RB-                     A.Bradshaw                   18pts                           Black Dynamite
WR-                   A.Brown                         41pts                           Who's Your Fav New Kid
WR-                   J. Gordon                       32pt                             Who's Your Fav New Kid
TE-                    D. Walker                         7pts                           Sflabo
K-                       R. Succop                      13pts                           Black Dynamite
D-                      Ravens                           25pts                           Nutsaway

          I know we wont get anything from the non talking management over at New Kid but 73pts on the bench from 2 WR's in a KNOWN WR league has to be some sort of record??? Pretty impressive on some level, if Iggles handed out compliments I'm sure he'd drop you one but that's not his style; he probably just smirked. 

Sflabo and Black Dynamite also offered up more than one Iggle this week with the race as tight as it is at the top that has to stop to make the push for first place! Nutsaway regrouped after two tough weeks and if they didn't feel obligated to make an Iggles contribution may have won the week!!! 

The top five teams are currently separated by under 25 points. The bottom two are 100 down and need to turn it around but fortunately there is alot of football to come( I mean a shit ton).  

This week unfolded as follows: 
DMC finally had Newton step up and won the week despite getting a 0 from DBowe with 138
Nutsaway bounced back in a big way with 131 as Demarco and Brees had big weeks 
3rd place with 130 was Black Dynamite as the continue to ride Shady Mccoy and the Bears d
4th place was In Peyton we Trust with 118, Tmx math dept figured Manning on pace for 63tds
Who's your fav New Kid came in 5th with 117 
Setitfgtit was 6th with 112
Jerkshots 7th with 101
Beachbums led the under 100 crew with 94 good for 8th this week
Sflabo came in 9th with 88
Slippery Wizards barely showed up putting up 86pts. 

The bye weeks start this week so owners need to figure out bye week replacements. Tmx has its ear to the street in conjunction with @Folandotcom on the twitters and has heard of several trades that have been offered but nothing yet has come out!! Few complaints on people not replying to offers??? In the words on one time slumlord owner Smiddoggy GROW UP.  Someone offers you a trade at least reply so they know you got it. There is Thursday action as always so get in on some of that action. 

The Sunday Supper Club is back this week after a hiatus last week to attend a prior engagement - Tmx will be back to the compound to take in the action!! Come if your invited and NO HAMMY DANCES ALLOWED sign out front is there for a reason and strictly enforced. 

Tmx is always there to break news so if you got a hot lead hit them up. Tmx out.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Is it Fall or Autumn?

Do people really call it Autumn? I mean its winter, spring, summer and fall, right? Who the fuck calls it autumn? I mean can we just start junk punching people who use the term autumn? At the least punch to the face?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Cape Cod Pizza now sells their pies at Stop and Shop in the frozen food section and they ain't half bad.
2. How can the price of a toilet range from $99 to $1000? Its a receptacle for shit and piss.
3. Young children do not like black pepper.
4. Hayrides, corn mazes and pumpkin picking. That's what you do with a 2 year old:

5. Doesn't matter if it is week 1 or week 3 when you are out of the suicide pool. It makes no difference.
6. I know that it is only 3 weeks in but fantasy football is all types of fucked up this year.
7. I get that christenings are on Sundays but can't the joint you are having the party at have at least one TV to watch football?
8. Do people still put up wood paneling?
9. Congrats to Jeffrey for winning his golf league championship again. Lets see if he can finally step it up and do it as an A player instead of a B.
10. There is a rule that if you get served a warm beer you can spit it on the floor, right?
11. Smiddy is still Smiddy but now with a Toyota Avalon. He finally killed that 1993 Nissan Maxima.
12. Colleen is planning her wedding and then looking to buy a house in Braintree or Milton.
13. Jeffrey is addicted to Postcard on the run.
14. Who is going to the Kubie Krawl 3 this Saturday in Southie?
15. Chrissy is setting up a trip to Mohegan Sun Saturday November 3rd. His cousin is fighting in a MMA fight that night. Anyone interested?
16. How is it that I haven't been to New Orleans yet? Just added it to my Fuckit list. Its very similar to a bucket list but better.
17. A please and a thank you goes a long way. Just saying.
18. NickJr is something - Dora the Explorer, Mike the Knight and Diego are all ok but fuck the Bubble Guppies.
19. Is anyone else excited to see what kind of band Back Seat Lover and Itchy Fish combined will make? I am and i'll find out Saturday night.
20. People are really pissed about the Apple IOS update.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TMX week 2

TMX is here for the week two review!!

Week two limped to an injury filled finish with many big names hitting the injury list!!  Running back questions are the big topic as Lacy, Steven Jackson, Reggie Bush, MJD, Ray Rice were among those hurt!! It didn't stop there Andre Johnson, Vernon Davis, Roddy White, Fitzy and (RIP) Malcolm Floyd all were injured during week 2!! 

Check the injury reports and head to the waiver wire. Starting to look like the year of the injury!! The bottom from the top is already starting to stretch itself out as first to last is already separated by a whopping 140 after just 2 weeks!! Nothings won in the first two weeks but deep holes can be dug if people dont start getting production from their players, TMX as always suggests new homes for struggling players!! 

TMX loves trades!! This weeks winner was SFlabo who despite only get 5 points from his qb still put up 157 and held off Beach Bums 151 and Rodgers 50 burger!! Beach Bums management is also the new Dillenz with arrogant jokes telling teams trying to trade to "hit the waiver wire" guess they love being hated over at Beach Bums. 

The team formerly known as Moose Knuckle then Blue Falcon switched his name yet again and took home the 3rd spot. Who's your favorite new kid? ( Donnie D on the backup obviously) is his new team name. Tmx asked the management at Who's but they had nothing to say, per usual. 

The Jerkshots fought off a SJax injury and came in 4th, TMX noticed only one owner for Jerkshots??? Tmx is trying to confirm that black widow Welch killed another partner like he did The Smiddawg. Black Dynamite also fought off an injury performance this time by Fitzy to finish in 5th with 133 a point behind Jerkshots. The 6th place team was Setitandforgetit who put up 130, Megatron continues to carry them and prove his first round pick as they wait for Gronks return. My grandmother got run over by a reindeer or whatever that long name is came in 7th with 122 as Manning came back to earth a little and a ZERO from the kicker with the controversial losing points for a missed fg now in place (WAHHH WAHHH). The Slippery Wizards finished in 8th with 121 after losing Ray Rice and MJD, the Wizards look to be reeling early on. Dirty Moon Crickets had a pedestrian performance from AP and tough WR week and finished 9th with 117. The last place team once again was Nutsaway back to back last place finishes for the defending dress wearer!! Unheard of but until he gets his running backs to well score some points he may be in a basement battle all season!! Now to the ALL IGGLES:

Def                     Vikings                      Sflabo                25pts
Qb                      M. Vick                      Fav New Kid       47pts
Rb                      Moreno                     Beach Bums        24pts
Rb                      Mendenhall               Sflabo                 16pts
Wr                     Hopkins                     Black Dynamite     26pts
Wr                     J.Jones                      Nutsaway             26pts
Te                     Bennett                      DMC                    23pts
K                       Feeley                        Setit4getit            13pt

             Looks like the Who's your Favorite New Kid got a qb controversy going on!! Vick vs God Brady I know the Iggles are thrilled to start Vick each week lets see what Fav New Kid decides!! Lot of wr's being left on the bench with points looks like early on this is a wr league!!  We have the usual Thursday night action so get to the waiver wire and get your plays in!! Good luck and lets shut down the all Iggles in week 3. 

TMX out.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall is here

I woke up today and the house was nice and cold. All my windows were open and I felt refreshed. Damn I love fall. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was at the vet with the dogs.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I 100% should of been a veterinarian. Its insane how much money they make for 1/2 hour check up.
2. Say whatever you want about Johnny Football but man that kid is exciting.
3. What do you get a child for a gift at a Christening? I mean I usually just go with cash.
4. Jeffrey only reads the blog for the pictures.
5. 2 weeks of supper club and 2 appearances by Mark Welch.
6. Bathroom vanities are way more expensive than I ever imagined.
7. Are you guys sure they don't put crack in Mary Lou's coffee?
8. Jeffrey is playing in his golf league championship this Wednesday after beating Rob last week.
9. Supah P is out of the landscaping business. Somewhere Big Bob is smiling.
10. This is one of the craziest years in fantasy football that I can remember.
11. Is anyone else playing matching with friends? I don't really get  it.
12. Now I am hearing Welchies bachelor party will not be in Vegas after all.
13. Jeffrey is looking to get to Fred and Steves steak house at Twin Rivers.
14. I can not believe that it is hockey season already.
15. Who is going to #beard night tomorrow at Fenway park? Chrissy?
16. When does Angry Birds Star Wars 2 come out?
17. I have not bought a new video game in quite some time but I am itching to get Madden 25, just so I can play as Barry Sanders and I wouldn't mind me some Grand Theft Auto.
18. Tile is fucking expensive as well. Floor tile, wall tile, back splash tile, and fucking accent tile. EXPENSIVE!
19. Can you guess who's cousin this is?

Hope to see ya all Sunday at the Christening.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TMX is Back

TMX fantasy review is BACK!!

First we have some great news has now taken over TMX and is found on Twitter at @folandotcom!! All the loyal TMX stockholders should be thrilled with the buy out!! TMX will still keep its name and its review going.

This season we have new rules and new players in the league!! ADSL has employed the flex position which was suppose to be the death of the All Iggles team but when people are STILL leaving 40 plus points on the bench Mr. Iggle himself actually laughed not his usual smirk but straight up laughter at the lack of fantasy football knowledge!!!


There is also a new member to the league - Non talking Scott is the head of the Blue Falcons (he has a silent partner, the conversations they must have). We tried to interview him but well he doesn't talk. All the changes in the league we still have one constant. Bill Smiddy former owner of Smiddawgs was up to his usual "I dont care about anyone but myself" moves as he blew off the draft and is no longer in the league.

SOS...........Same ol' Smiddy.............shirts are available soon. The added roster lead to higher scores and getting 100 points all but guarantees you had the worse week. Its going to take a little feeling out but looks to be another exciting year.

The winner this week with 181 was My Grandmother Cant Wrestle but You should see her Box (editors note - that name is ridiculously long so long joke dies, also the decimal part of the point system doesnt register on TMX commodore 64 so its left off). Team too long rode the arm of Peyton Manning who put up a 70 burger on Thursday and never looked back.
Second place with 179 was, always in the mix,  Beachbums who had a chance to win if his rb didnt put up a NEGATIVE -2.
Third place with 158 was Dirty Moon Crickets who rode AP and AJ to a big week.
4-10 place went as follows:
BlackDynomite 144
Sflabo with 139
Jerkshots 132
Setitforgetit 129
Slippery Wizards 119
Nutzaway 109
The bottom teams are in need of some serious work and they are already down almost 80pts!!

Now on to the ALL IGGLES team(who refuses to play a Flex):

QB-          E. Manning                       45pts                  Jerkshots
RB-          F.  Jackson                       12pts                  Setitforgetit
RB-          S. Vereen                         24pts                  Beach Bums
WR-         A. Boldin                           43pts                  Slippery Wizards
WR-         J.  Nelson                          27pts                 Beach  Bums
TE-          O. Daniels                         21pts                Bluefalcons
K-            D. Akers                           10pts                 Slippery Wizards
D             Dallas                               31pts                 Jerkshots

 All Iggles totals are astounding with the extra spot available to play the right guys!! Clean it up ADSL!! Not sure what is cracking Iggles up more the fact that the most outspoken Iggles hater Jerkshots had 2 on here including the largest one or the fact that he gave the league credit and said just use the flex guys. 

Well sorry for the brief review but and tmx are a busy place these day. Shout out to supper club and the new security team there. Thursday action. Good luck and BE BETTER than  the Iggles.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Im back

Yes I was on vacation again. For some reason I take the 1st week of September off every year. I have no reason why but I seem to recharge my batteries before the Fall season. If you don't like it too fucking bad.

This is what I learned while on vacation:

1. No matter how many times I tell Christian Daniel MacPhail that I am on vacation and not blogging he still harasses me on Monday.
2. I tried Indian food for the 1st time. I can honestly say it was not bad.
3. I checked out the Brimfield antique show last week. INSANITY!!
4. I had no idea that faucet and fixtures were so god damn expensive.
5. Let me save you some cash - Pain and Gain with Mark Wahlberg BLOWS.
6. It is so nice to have the NFL and fantasy football back.
7. Jeffrey, who gets shut off at the casino?
8. Suicide pools are fun and all but are fucking stressful.
9. Looky, Looky the Red Sox band wagon is starting to fill up slowly again.
10. Mia Regazza in Abington should be called Mia Regarbage! That place blows.
11. I can not get enough of Burger land on the Travel Channel.
12. Why again are we trying to invade Syria? Because they are fighting themselves?
13. It makes me insane that I can not find a good Cajun/Blackened/Spicy(not Buffalo) chicken sandwich, anywhere. I mean the Fours is ok but variety is the spice of life.
14. The 1st supper club of the year had one attendee - Mark Welch. The meatloaf went like a mother fucker though.
15. With my nieces and nephews being 3 or under I have been working really hard on not swearing or saying bad word that they can pick up. It is a whole lot harder than I thought.
16. Who else is geared up for Behind the B's tonight?
17. Trying to make vacation plans for next year, while absurd, is tough.
18. The dart team is back in action in a new undisclosed bar in Quincy.
19. I guess the Alumni is closed.
20. The new Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco(the spicy one) kinds sucks.
21. Has anyone heard from Supah P? Heard the kid is crushing the South Shore Poontang.
22. Chrissy and Alison are closing in on a boys name. They have it narrowed down.

Do I really have to come back from vacation to 249 emails?