Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall is here

I woke up today and the house was nice and cold. All my windows were open and I felt refreshed. Damn I love fall. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was at the vet with the dogs.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I 100% should of been a veterinarian. Its insane how much money they make for 1/2 hour check up.
2. Say whatever you want about Johnny Football but man that kid is exciting.
3. What do you get a child for a gift at a Christening? I mean I usually just go with cash.
4. Jeffrey only reads the blog for the pictures.
5. 2 weeks of supper club and 2 appearances by Mark Welch.
6. Bathroom vanities are way more expensive than I ever imagined.
7. Are you guys sure they don't put crack in Mary Lou's coffee?
8. Jeffrey is playing in his golf league championship this Wednesday after beating Rob last week.
9. Supah P is out of the landscaping business. Somewhere Big Bob is smiling.
10. This is one of the craziest years in fantasy football that I can remember.
11. Is anyone else playing matching with friends? I don't really get  it.
12. Now I am hearing Welchies bachelor party will not be in Vegas after all.
13. Jeffrey is looking to get to Fred and Steves steak house at Twin Rivers.
14. I can not believe that it is hockey season already.
15. Who is going to #beard night tomorrow at Fenway park? Chrissy?
16. When does Angry Birds Star Wars 2 come out?
17. I have not bought a new video game in quite some time but I am itching to get Madden 25, just so I can play as Barry Sanders and I wouldn't mind me some Grand Theft Auto.
18. Tile is fucking expensive as well. Floor tile, wall tile, back splash tile, and fucking accent tile. EXPENSIVE!
19. Can you guess who's cousin this is?

Hope to see ya all Sunday at the Christening.

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