Monday, February 23, 2015

I need a vacation

I need a nice warm place that serves me mixed drinks by a pool. Who is coming with me??

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy is not making it to the Wrestlemania party. He has his fantasy baseball draft.
2. Jeffrey will not be able to make it to the 1st Annual Tofuri St. Pattys day party. He has a 2 year old birthday party.
3. Welchie has moved his house search further down the South shore and is looking in Braintree.
4. The bar at the Elks is way cleaner than the one at the Eagles. I mean like night and day.
5. That Bruno Mars song Uptown Funk is this years Happy. I just want to shoot myself everytime it is on.
6. Chinese food buffets are where it is at.
7. Mario has a frozen line in his house. He is gonna need a plumber.
8. I gave up beef for Lent. Wish me luck.
9. How are your roofs holding up? Ice damn city.
10. Has anyone kidnapped Punxatwny Phil yet? I can not deal with 6 more weeks of this.
11. That poker game that the lottery has is lame.
12. Whats up with this new Dr Suess book? How do you just stumble upon a new manuscript?

Pray for my sanity with all this fucking snow.

Sorry its only a quick 12 pack but works fucking busy as fuck!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I hope all you crazy mofo's celebrated Valentines day with chocolates and flowers or whatever makes your girlfriend or boyfriend happy.

Sorry this is a day late, I don't even have an excuse that yesterday was Presidents day, but work has been busy as all fuck.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Foreigner put on the best show I have ever seen for free, sounded great and they looked old.
2. Supah P says periods taste like rusty nails, uhm of course it does P blood is all  iron.
3. Of course Fred and Steves was booked up the day before Valentines.
4. Going to bed at 8:30 and waking up refreshed ain't no thing, even if I feel like I am 80.
5. I can see why people go to Florida for the winter. Fuck all this snow.
6. I know I will buy a snow blower and we will never get snow again, and I am fine with all that.
7. Uber must be paying Chrissy really well. Haven't heard a peep from him since Friday.
8. Tim Brights father's fund raiser was post poned till this Sunday, 1-5 at the Weymouth Elks. I know some of you bitches love meat raffles.
9. Android has updated their operating systems to lolipop 6.0
10. You know how they say everything comes in 3's? Well shit work is upta 5's.
11. If you aren't watching Gotham then you probably hate all things Batman.
12. Really, the T wont be back up to speed for 30 days? That's a kick in the dick.
13. There is so much snow in my back hard that my dogs can walk over the fence and escape. Fun times!
14. This years cold remedy seems to be Alka Seltzer cold day and night.

Thats all I have time for today.

Monday, February 9, 2015

let it snow!!

I don't know if you fools have seen this yet but it makes me laugh everytime I see it:

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Nothing annoys me more than plows driving around and NOT ACTUALLY plowing!
2. What are the rules for removing your hat for the national anthem? Do you have to remove it for the Canadian version? Do ladies have to remove their hats? What about winter caps? I remove for all.
3. There is a walk way and a fire hydrant that have both been shoveled numerous times:
                               Peek a Boo!

4. Vinyl siding quotes are all over the map, like whats the deal?
5. Has anyone heard from Rob Knudsen? Kid seems to be MIA!
6. Steven Whitley is afraid of Twin Rivers and actually hates free Foreigner tickets.
7. When Coke shuts down due to the weather, they force Chrissy to take an unpaid day off. How Shitty!
8. Nothing is worse than not being able to breathe while you are trying to sleep, while nursing a head cold.
9. Jeffrey has a strange addiction to Angelos in Quincy. Only place he ever wants to grab lunch.
10. So Brian Williams lied and people are acting like he is drowning kittens in the bathtub on live TV. How is it surprising that anyone in the news media lies?
11. How come no one is really speaking on Bruce Jenner's transformation? I mean does he want to be a lady because he was in a house full of ladies?
12. On the subject of transgenders, I read that they want to use  "They" instead of Mr, Miss or Mrs. What gives. Aren't they transitioning from one to the other.
13. If you are looking for a new Bruins shirt you may want to try this - Pastrnasty!
14. Even if you are a "winter" person, you can not be happy with 67 inches in 2 weeks.

Hope to see you guys Friday for Jeffreys birthday celebration at Twinnies  for Fred and Steves, Foreigner and gambling.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pats Win

How long does a Super Bowl win hangover last?

This is what I learned over the weekend:
1. Jeffrey makes bomb ass dips!
2. People are loosey goosey when it comes to paying off debt but as soon as they win some money they want it within an hour.
3. Driving during a blizzard is scary as fuck.
4. Everyone respects a ninja move.
5. Where are people standing during this rolling rally parade?
6. Twin Rivers makes you drive down to get a voucher to come back and get your free tickets to a show. LAME!!
7. What? Yes, Lauren Brady blew off Chrissy and Alisons Super bowl soiree.
8. Rumor has it Tom Newton is getting married again!!
9. I am starting a gofundme page for Tom Kelly. he has a broken computer key board so he is mising letters and is always ammered.
10. Chrissy is the 1st person I know who has his taxes already booked.
11. Harper Lee has a new book comimg out.
12. Calnan lives to rile up Grillo. If he ever goes missing check out CVG 1st.

Sorry I gotta run with all this snow.