Monday, December 27, 2021

well well well

 Hopefully everyone survived Christmas. The kids got all that they wanted and the adults got blitzed.

This is what I learned recently:

1. The Matrix movie is meh. Not really sure it needed to be made.

2. I did like the Hawkeye series. Kind of wish it was longer.

3. Nothing quite like running into your brother on Christmas at the Chinese food joint.

4. Man everyone losing their minds over rapid tests, or lack thereof.

5. Ronin is still going strong. 

6. Ending the year at the tattoo shop seems appropriate.

7. Oh looking for a new car - minimum 40Gs.

8. I cannot imagine being stranded trying to get a flight anywhere.

9. Davio's on Christmas Eve serves the feast of the 7 fishes. In case you need to start planning for next year.

10. Already sick of everyone posting their year in reviews.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Im dreaming of a white Christmas

 I am hearing rain on Christmas but why cant it just snow a little bit?

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. The new Spiderman movie may be the best Marvel movie ever. It is by far the best Spiderman of them all.

2. Never great to hear that your dog has cancer and he has days not months.

3. I like the Christmas season. It fills me with joy.

4. Small world when you meet randoms at bars who are friends with your friends.

5. Marshmallow world is my Christmas jam.

6. Sad to learn that Bobby Flay is not returning to the Food Network.

7. Chrissy doesn't believe in winter jackets.

8. The cape house is available for rent May 1st till Oct 3rd. 

9. French onion soup is underrated.

10. Is anyone really excited for the Matrix? Or are people just happy a new movie is out?

Have a great fucking Christmas.

Monday, December 13, 2021

12 days

 You have 12 days until Christmas. I hope all your shopping is done.

This is what I learned, recently:

1. Covid fatigue is real.

2. There are tons of jobs out there right now.

3. Some people don't give a shit about anything but themselves. They are beyond selfish.

4. Boosters or no Boosters, when does the world return to normal?

5. I mean at this point you try to collect all 3 types of vaccines right? Like Boys or girls scout badges?

6. Fried turkey is fire! I mean why isnt it on more menus?

7. Joe Martell hates the new Broncos. 

8. Dunkin Donuts just going up .50 on their large iced? Is that part of inflation?

9. Why aren't there breakfast chips? Like cmon breakfast people.

10. Speaking of breakfast when did ELF cereal come out.

11. Man people always hating on Pete Davidson - why? Haters gonna hate.

12. Anyone interested in going to the Banksy exhibit in Boston, in February?

Monday, December 6, 2021

fa la la la la

 It is officially the Christmas season, since I watched Santa Claus is coming to town. Why don't they do a live action version of that? I mean I feel like we need the Burgermeister Meisterburger in live action!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Nick Saban has Georgias number.

2.Watch out for the step off that stage at Paddy Barrys. Its a doozy.

3. Letterkenny season 10 is coming at the end of the month.

4. Big game tonight for the New England Patriots.

5. Where do you stand on a fake tree vs a real tree? Deal breaker for Martell.

6. Apparently, Mario is a darts guy now.

7. Omicron, Unicron, Decepticon when the fuck is this Covid shit ending. Can we just go back to living our life? If ya get sick hopefully you are vaccinated and you don't die. This cannot go on for another year.

8. Im hearing from my inside guy, Ryan's bachelor party may be in Aruba.

9. Wait, Lip Synch battle is still on TV??

10. Uber eats is soo effing expensive.  Fuck Yo FEES!