Monday, December 13, 2021

12 days

 You have 12 days until Christmas. I hope all your shopping is done.

This is what I learned, recently:

1. Covid fatigue is real.

2. There are tons of jobs out there right now.

3. Some people don't give a shit about anything but themselves. They are beyond selfish.

4. Boosters or no Boosters, when does the world return to normal?

5. I mean at this point you try to collect all 3 types of vaccines right? Like Boys or girls scout badges?

6. Fried turkey is fire! I mean why isnt it on more menus?

7. Joe Martell hates the new Broncos. 

8. Dunkin Donuts just going up .50 on their large iced? Is that part of inflation?

9. Why aren't there breakfast chips? Like cmon breakfast people.

10. Speaking of breakfast when did ELF cereal come out.

11. Man people always hating on Pete Davidson - why? Haters gonna hate.

12. Anyone interested in going to the Banksy exhibit in Boston, in February?

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