Monday, December 20, 2021

Im dreaming of a white Christmas

 I am hearing rain on Christmas but why cant it just snow a little bit?

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. The new Spiderman movie may be the best Marvel movie ever. It is by far the best Spiderman of them all.

2. Never great to hear that your dog has cancer and he has days not months.

3. I like the Christmas season. It fills me with joy.

4. Small world when you meet randoms at bars who are friends with your friends.

5. Marshmallow world is my Christmas jam.

6. Sad to learn that Bobby Flay is not returning to the Food Network.

7. Chrissy doesn't believe in winter jackets.

8. The cape house is available for rent May 1st till Oct 3rd. 

9. French onion soup is underrated.

10. Is anyone really excited for the Matrix? Or are people just happy a new movie is out?

Have a great fucking Christmas.

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