Monday, February 9, 2015

let it snow!!

I don't know if you fools have seen this yet but it makes me laugh everytime I see it:

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Nothing annoys me more than plows driving around and NOT ACTUALLY plowing!
2. What are the rules for removing your hat for the national anthem? Do you have to remove it for the Canadian version? Do ladies have to remove their hats? What about winter caps? I remove for all.
3. There is a walk way and a fire hydrant that have both been shoveled numerous times:
                               Peek a Boo!

4. Vinyl siding quotes are all over the map, like whats the deal?
5. Has anyone heard from Rob Knudsen? Kid seems to be MIA!
6. Steven Whitley is afraid of Twin Rivers and actually hates free Foreigner tickets.
7. When Coke shuts down due to the weather, they force Chrissy to take an unpaid day off. How Shitty!
8. Nothing is worse than not being able to breathe while you are trying to sleep, while nursing a head cold.
9. Jeffrey has a strange addiction to Angelos in Quincy. Only place he ever wants to grab lunch.
10. So Brian Williams lied and people are acting like he is drowning kittens in the bathtub on live TV. How is it surprising that anyone in the news media lies?
11. How come no one is really speaking on Bruce Jenner's transformation? I mean does he want to be a lady because he was in a house full of ladies?
12. On the subject of transgenders, I read that they want to use  "They" instead of Mr, Miss or Mrs. What gives. Aren't they transitioning from one to the other.
13. If you are looking for a new Bruins shirt you may want to try this - Pastrnasty!
14. Even if you are a "winter" person, you can not be happy with 67 inches in 2 weeks.

Hope to see you guys Friday for Jeffreys birthday celebration at Twinnies  for Fred and Steves, Foreigner and gambling.

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