Monday, September 9, 2013

Im back

Yes I was on vacation again. For some reason I take the 1st week of September off every year. I have no reason why but I seem to recharge my batteries before the Fall season. If you don't like it too fucking bad.

This is what I learned while on vacation:

1. No matter how many times I tell Christian Daniel MacPhail that I am on vacation and not blogging he still harasses me on Monday.
2. I tried Indian food for the 1st time. I can honestly say it was not bad.
3. I checked out the Brimfield antique show last week. INSANITY!!
4. I had no idea that faucet and fixtures were so god damn expensive.
5. Let me save you some cash - Pain and Gain with Mark Wahlberg BLOWS.
6. It is so nice to have the NFL and fantasy football back.
7. Jeffrey, who gets shut off at the casino?
8. Suicide pools are fun and all but are fucking stressful.
9. Looky, Looky the Red Sox band wagon is starting to fill up slowly again.
10. Mia Regazza in Abington should be called Mia Regarbage! That place blows.
11. I can not get enough of Burger land on the Travel Channel.
12. Why again are we trying to invade Syria? Because they are fighting themselves?
13. It makes me insane that I can not find a good Cajun/Blackened/Spicy(not Buffalo) chicken sandwich, anywhere. I mean the Fours is ok but variety is the spice of life.
14. The 1st supper club of the year had one attendee - Mark Welch. The meatloaf went like a mother fucker though.
15. With my nieces and nephews being 3 or under I have been working really hard on not swearing or saying bad word that they can pick up. It is a whole lot harder than I thought.
16. Who else is geared up for Behind the B's tonight?
17. Trying to make vacation plans for next year, while absurd, is tough.
18. The dart team is back in action in a new undisclosed bar in Quincy.
19. I guess the Alumni is closed.
20. The new Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco(the spicy one) kinds sucks.
21. Has anyone heard from Supah P? Heard the kid is crushing the South Shore Poontang.
22. Chrissy and Alison are closing in on a boys name. They have it narrowed down.

Do I really have to come back from vacation to 249 emails?

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