Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TMX week 2

TMX is here for the week two review!!

Week two limped to an injury filled finish with many big names hitting the injury list!!  Running back questions are the big topic as Lacy, Steven Jackson, Reggie Bush, MJD, Ray Rice were among those hurt!! It didn't stop there Andre Johnson, Vernon Davis, Roddy White, Fitzy and (RIP) Malcolm Floyd all were injured during week 2!! 

Check the injury reports and head to the waiver wire. Starting to look like the year of the injury!! The bottom from the top is already starting to stretch itself out as first to last is already separated by a whopping 140 after just 2 weeks!! Nothings won in the first two weeks but deep holes can be dug if people dont start getting production from their players, TMX as always suggests new homes for struggling players!! 

TMX loves trades!! This weeks winner was SFlabo who despite only get 5 points from his qb still put up 157 and held off Beach Bums 151 and Rodgers 50 burger!! Beach Bums management is also the new Dillenz with arrogant jokes telling teams trying to trade to "hit the waiver wire" guess they love being hated over at Beach Bums. 

The team formerly known as Moose Knuckle then Blue Falcon switched his name yet again and took home the 3rd spot. Who's your favorite new kid? ( Donnie D on the backup obviously) is his new team name. Tmx asked the management at Who's but they had nothing to say, per usual. 

The Jerkshots fought off a SJax injury and came in 4th, TMX noticed only one owner for Jerkshots??? Tmx is trying to confirm that black widow Welch killed another partner like he did The Smiddawg. Black Dynamite also fought off an injury performance this time by Fitzy to finish in 5th with 133 a point behind Jerkshots. The 6th place team was Setitandforgetit who put up 130, Megatron continues to carry them and prove his first round pick as they wait for Gronks return. My grandmother got run over by a reindeer or whatever that long name is came in 7th with 122 as Manning came back to earth a little and a ZERO from the kicker with the controversial losing points for a missed fg now in place (WAHHH WAHHH). The Slippery Wizards finished in 8th with 121 after losing Ray Rice and MJD, the Wizards look to be reeling early on. Dirty Moon Crickets had a pedestrian performance from AP and tough WR week and finished 9th with 117. The last place team once again was Nutsaway back to back last place finishes for the defending dress wearer!! Unheard of but until he gets his running backs to well score some points he may be in a basement battle all season!! Now to the ALL IGGLES:

Def                     Vikings                      Sflabo                25pts
Qb                      M. Vick                      Fav New Kid       47pts
Rb                      Moreno                     Beach Bums        24pts
Rb                      Mendenhall               Sflabo                 16pts
Wr                     Hopkins                     Black Dynamite     26pts
Wr                     J.Jones                      Nutsaway             26pts
Te                     Bennett                      DMC                    23pts
K                       Feeley                        Setit4getit            13pt

             Looks like the Who's your Favorite New Kid got a qb controversy going on!! Vick vs God Brady I know the Iggles are thrilled to start Vick each week lets see what Fav New Kid decides!! Lot of wr's being left on the bench with points looks like early on this is a wr league!!  We have the usual Thursday night action so get to the waiver wire and get your plays in!! Good luck and lets shut down the all Iggles in week 3. 

TMX out.

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