Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 11 is in the books!!

 From the desk of TMX a fantasy football reporting source with a loose affiliation with folan.com...

The race for the bottom is heating up and so is the race to finish in the money!! This weeks winner was BeachBums who showed everyone what double points can do for you! Picking up 84.5 from the Rodgers to Jennings connection to finish the week with 167! Careful people the MoneyPit is making moves on top of moves, finished the week with 161 which would have won him week 2,4 and 6 thru 10 but this is week 11 so all you get is 2nd place!! UnmarkedBills are scratching and clawing to get to the top this week picking up the Cleveland Browns defense led by free agent Willie McGinest (pickup of the week just edging out bjge) letting people know they want the top spot!! TMX has always been a fan of big Willie Mac so we took the time out to call him. Hey Willie its us your friends at TMX hows it going? “its cool you know I’m watching the kids grow up and helping out doing some coaching and charity work, you know just enjoying RETIREMENT” huh Willie did you say you don’t play for the Cleveland Browns defense? That cant be? TMX was told by one of the Unmarked Bills that they picked up the Browns because you were on them? “nah dog I’m retired what kinda fool picks up a defense and brags like it wasn’t luck and then thinks I still play there TMX didn’t you break that I retired in 2008 and wanted to retire a Patriot?” Oh yeah Willie you’re right enjoy retirement, guess GM of UnmarkedBills didn’t get that………………..
Now on to the team that finished in last for the week. Sflabo’s Home for Rehabilitated Wizards. Sflabo’s team is quite frankly the biggest enigma this league has seen in years!! The team has won 2 weeks and has also finished with the lowest week you never know what you’re getting!! This weeks totals are as follows: Vick 20pts; Fjones 8.5; Turner 24.5; Marshall 5.5; Moss 0; Miller 3.5; Carpenter 0; Giants 11. for a total of 73 points. You read that right he had two players in the lineup that totaled 0!! 73 points with 2 goose-eggs? Pretty impressive actually.

The two players who didn’t put up points on the season one has put up 83 and the other 61 so obviously you’d expect points from the man who has totaled 83 thus far so there is no way you could’ve sat KICKER Dan Carpenter so that play TMX understood but as for Mr. Moss apparently he’s nothing without Welker!! Dez Bryant outscored both your wide receivers combined with only one catch! TMX does not tell you who to play we are just here to point out who you should be thinking about playing as the race for the basement is getting tight. TMX did however make a call to Mr. Sixty Points himself Mr. Michael “Ultimate Weapon” Vick to ask him why the off week?

Hey Mr Vick its TMX how’s everything? “its cool winning games for a team that wanted to start some Kolb cat over me” Yeah I hear ya but what happened this week? 20pts is respectable but it’s a 40pt drop off from the week before? “ Really TMX we gonna go there? Did you see the defense that dude started? He started the defense I was playing against? How many times they gonna come after me TMX how many times? Obviously Flabo owns a dog and is still bitter, I served my time let it go Flabo! Aint no one else starting defenses vs their number one star, it aint right TMX it aint right” Mike calm down I’m sure he didn’t know the Willie McGinest led Browns were available so he had no choice. “ cool I like this flabo guy he got some Wizard in him, my b I’m just worked up.
Justice TMX not JustUS y’know” I hear ya thanks for your time Mr. Vick. Geez not sure that explains anything but we make the calls to try and help.

Week 12 has 3 Thursday games so make sure you check your lineups for Thanksgiving day action and the trade deadline is approaching get the trades going for the final weeks!

Good luck and as always FOLAN.COM for everything.

After 11 weeks here are the standings:
1. DEVILS 1351.0

2. UNMARKBILL 1262.0

3. BEACHBUMS 1204.0

4. MFNMP 1198.5

5. VILLENZ 1193.5


7. BBROWN 1109.5

8. SLIPERYWIZ 1104.0

9. SSOLDIERZ 1071.0

10. SFLABOHFRW 1071.0