Monday, October 17, 2022


I mean how can Fall not be the best season? Just out here rocking and rolling in T shirts and jeans.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Glad to see that colds are still a thing.

2. Sad to hear Coach Jeffrey lost again to Bridgewater.

3. Always great to introduce White Tea shots to the community.

4. Chrissy out here dressing like a 1920's prohibition gangster.

5. Look at this mother fucker:

6. Are we more excited for Black Adam or Black Panther 2?

7. The breeder we are supposed to get a puppy from is rumored to be having puppies this week.

8. Mitchell has tickets to the Cs and Bs available if you want any games.

9. Powerball is almost at $500 Million. Lets just get a slice of that.

10. Another weekend of Keno and still no winning. Gotta be going on 2 years.

11. If you see Jeffrey out and about in his new Gladiator just know times are good right meow.

12. Rumor has it there is a plan to try Igolf in Pembroke then hit up Stellwagon Brewery.

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