Monday, October 3, 2022


 I was sitting at my desk, with this overall feeling of "there was something I was supposed to do today" when it hit me...Hey dummy you never posted a blog.  So here it goes...

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. It appears that Joe didn't know about his surprise 40th so I am claiming that as a success.

2. Being told "it is an 80's party, Derek, not dress like your dad party" was a bit unnerving.

3. The Oktoberfest in Quincy Center was meh, 4/10 would not recommend.

4. If you serve brunch and there is not a burger with an egg on it - shut down immediately.

5. Chrissy's wife was shocked to find out I have tattoos on my arms. Maybe I hadn't seen her since Chrissy 40th?

6. The Fowler House is having an Oktoberfest this Saturday 2-6 in the back parking lot. Polka Bands unite!

7. How do we feel about people you know actually having a mullet, asking for a friend?

8. Everyone is talking about this Dahmer show on Netflix. Is it any good?

9. May be looking for an 8th for golf this Saturday. HMU!

10. Can't Fall/Winter roll in slowly? Da day it is 80 the next 45.

11. Here is to speedy recoveries for Mike G and Leaden with their surgeries last week.

12. People are flipping out about the Patriots and Red Sox both being in last place for the 1st time in October since 1992...let that sink in. THIRTY FUCKING YEARS.


Anonymous said...

Yes true feelings that drunking bum emanates from his words. What a fucktard you are.

well said...

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