Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend Kickoff Day 3

Oops, i am a moron. i guess trying to keep the same name upset some people. i guess this has to be called St Paddy's girl #3. well this was a pleasant surprise to find out Jenny McCarthy was irish! man do i remember her being the host of mtv's singled out. and it seems she has only gotten hotter with age. she is now recently single cuz jim carrey is a dumbass. i am a huge fan but lets be honest, whats the last thing he made that was really funny?? me, myself, and irene and that was over TEN years ago!! if you got that hott piece of ass, you hold onto it!



i think every guy should make their girl dye their hair blond if not already

Anonymous said...

i wish every week was st pattys!! should have a kick off girl everyday, only thing making this blog readable.