Sunday, June 19, 2011

Readers Email

This comes from a devoted reader of the blog. 
I received this on Friday the 17th but I was
preparing to see the parade... and what a parade it was!
As I said before if you email me I will post it:
Dear Mr. Booze,

Congrats on your Bruins winning the Stanley Cup. 
I want to relay to your readers the time before 
you were so gracious to all, with your season tickets 
and way before you were towelman leading the charge to the cup. 
I remember the time you jumped off the bandwagon 
well before the "wanna b's" days. 
It was a dark day to be a bruins fan Glenn Murraaaaaaaaay   
was still here and we could get tickets to all the games we wanted. 
It all changed when we tried to get tickets to a 
Canadian-Bruins playoff game and found out they were 
all bought out by Canadian fans. 
You looked me in the eye and jumped off the bandwagon 
leaving me, fitzy and sully! 
Bandwagon came to a complete standstill pretty sure 
fitzy and sully didnt notice but I did. 
We sat there then all of a sudden the bandwagon 
started moving and we look back and Mr. Booze was pushing us! 
Yup kid jumped off got season tickets as people 
laughed and said "season tickets to the bruins? 
cant you just go when you want?". 
It was like a perfect plan and it came through. 
The bandwagon is a smooth ride and me, fitzy 
and sully still sit in the back as people come 
and go but we dont forget who pushed it when it 
broke down. Thanks Mr Booze or Towelman it was 
all worth it. See you at the parade.

 Me, Fitzy and Sully

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Anonymous said...

Everyone on this blog is now dumber for having read that. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul