Monday, January 30, 2017

God damn

This year is flying by. We are already about to kick off February.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The older you get the more you realize small shit doesn't matter.
2. Jeffrey being liberated and free is dangerous to my liver.
3. Stop by Black Moor in Charlestown and visit Colin. Pretty sweet spot.
4. Chrissy would like a pair of Lululemon men's sweat pants for his business casual attire.
5. Why did I think Elios pizza was good?
6. Still not really having a plan for the Superbowl. Ugggh
7. I only got asked 30 times if I was doing squares.
8. If you don't send out bathroom snaps then are you really on Snapchat?
9. Jake and Joes is mehhhh. The food was nothing great and the beer "special" was a 14 oz draft for $4.
10. Twitter is kind of ruined for me right now with all the political stuff.
11. Breaking in a new pair of boots sucks.
12. I see nothing wrong with waking up, doing what you gotta do, then heading back to bed.
13. Until yesterday, I had never seen anyone eat an orange peel and all. Thank you Harper Macphail.
14. If TK was to be on the rebound do any of you have any single aunt's or older sisters? Hell he's probably not too picky, a grandma will do.

OK sorry I gotta run but I got some training to do.