Monday, October 24, 2011

Congrats all around

Congrats to Jeffrey and Sarah on a baby boy, Julian Gerard Lundrigan. He was born this morning at 2:42 am, weighing in at 6 lbs 10.5 oz's and 19 inches long.

Congrats to Kristine(StyleGal) and Joel  to tieing the knot this past Saturday, in a lovely ceremony at the Marlowe hotel.

Congrats to my brother Tommy on one year of sobriety! Takes a lot and hopefully he has won his battle with demons.
This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Apparently it is state law that every institution must have a pump room for new mothers to pump milk.
2. If your wedding DJ is also the Bruins DJ you can get photos with the ring:
3. The first Dunking Donuts was in Quincy, Ma and so was the first Howard Johnsons. Not bad for the City of Presidents.
4. I know people say gnocci is like a pillow of heaven, then I don't like to put my head head on that pillow because I tried it for the first time and it was not for me.
5. Some people are afraid of midgets and some people are afraid of my affinity for midgets.
6. Cigar rolling at weddings is a pretty good option. Doesn't hurt that the cigars were damn tasty.
7. If you give a girl anything  thats pink they automatically love it just a slightly bit more.
8. Sometimes old people should mind their business.
9. I guess it is wrong to have the NFL game center on in church when you have to sit through a 1.5 hour baby baptism.
10. The Papa Ginos XL pizza is a total waste of $2.00. It bumps a large pizza from a 16 inch to 17 inches and you cant even tell the difference.
11. The key to a great open bar(besides having tons of ones) is eating an early lunch so you can rip through mixed drinks.
12. Even though you charge your camera battery maybe you should double check to make sure it effing worked!
13. Katie knows how to carve up a pumpkin:

14. Dudes should never ever take off their shoes on a dance floor, especially if you are not wearing socks.
15. There is nothing you can really say or do when  your dog pisses on someones leg at a dog park.
16. Try the Mudhouse in Dorchesterday if you are looking for a nice sandwich.
17. If you like Pearl Jam you should check out the Cameron Crow Documentary Pearl Jam 20. Well done, smart and insightful. Wish there was more Eddie though.
18. Nachos are a perfectly good dinner option.
19. Have you checked out 2 Broke Girls on Mondays? It is pretty funny and raunchy at the same time.
20. Dunkin Donuts is rolling out a Kelbasa sandwich in the next 2 weeks. It is pretty damn tasty.
21. I guess they have "rules" on what you are supposed to give for each anniversary? Who knew? Chiefdude just celebrated his 6th and that was iron...
22. A french cuff shirt is $70.00?? Shouldn't it be cheaper? It has less buttons.

I had a great time at the Robinsons wedding on Saturday! Lets hope they have a nice relaxing time in Aruba.


Anonymous said...

After all those great name suggestions, they went with julien?

Jules said...

Congrats with all of the goods happenings with the family.

Katie looks beautiful in the pic.

PJ20....can't say enough awesome stuff about the guys. Who knew Cornell was the mastermind. Seeing him come on stage in 2009 with PJ & sing "Hunger Strike" has a whole new meaning (yes, i'm bragging).