Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Opening day

Yeah yeah yeah I know that yesterday was Monday and I didn't post but come on guys, you know I was at the Red Sox opener. Give me some slack.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I am not a fan of the food at Barretts.
2. TK is like a mini mayor of Bridgewater.
3. Never go for lunch with Jeffrey because you may end up at Twin Rivers.
4. Spare ribs or baby back ribs? What do you prefer?
5. I broke down and bought a new Webber grill. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow.
6. Pony ghosts are real.
7. What do you do when you offer free food to a homeless person and they accept before you even finish offering?
8. Chrissy and Ali are looking for a grass guy for the front of their house. You know anyone?
9. There is no way the Bruins keep Claude, right?
10. Twice this past week my phone has rebooted and defaulted to factory settings. What the fuck.
11. Do not try the Camp Wannamango Harpoon brew. Its nasty as shit.
12. Panera  is pretty good but I don't think it is what you should have for lunch if you are going to be drinking all day.
13. KKaties is coming to Quincy Center and I can not be more excited.
14. Has anyone seen Mike Foley since he has been back? Its like he came back and disappeared.
15. The shirts for the Mustache Pub Crawl are ordered so they should be in a few weeks. Don't forget May 21st in Quincy.
16.  Thank god I have that snow blower, since It never came out this winter.

Gotta run...


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