Monday, April 4, 2016

HAPPY OPE...... Nevermind its too cold.

Look can we just stop this charade. Oh its opening day, baseball is back. Please can we just stop. They just canceled a game because its cold. Think about that. Because it's cold. And best part is Sox Nation is fine with it. MLBs fine with it. You know whose also very fine is the guys above. Ya know why? They'll gladly rob you blind at the "real opening day" or the other "opening day" on Patriots Day or while we're at it, how about we start making the first home game in June a thing. Like the opening day to the "real season" in baseball.

Baseball is awesome basically admits irrelevancy, crucifies people for speaking out against its irrelevancy and goes cancelling games because it's cold. And well because it's an irrelevant game. Anyway least there's two other opening days to rob you blind (that aren't in poor bleak cities)

also shout out to Smid on the engagement.