Monday, August 10, 2015


I mean honestly can this year be flying by any faster? It is more than half over, the summer is slowly starting to wrap up and it seems like the summer traffic is dieing off.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Atlantic City is dirty and I think that is a good thing.
2. Southwest Connecticut has the highest incestual rape rate or something along those lines.
3. Buddakan is fucking legit.
4. As far as drinking, you can pretty much drink your face off and pass out at the bars and they won't bother you.
5. Some people hate Snap Chat others not so much.
6. Is Nickerson back in Hull yet?
7. Man Chrissy was off grid yesterday, pretty sure many people thought he was dead - no creep shots, no snap chats and no texts.
8. Timmy Barrett is headed to the Mets game on August 30th if anyone is interested.
9. Jason Foley killing it in the plumbing game.
10. Every once in a while you stumble upon someone who makes you feel like maybe things in your own life aren't that bad.
11. Part of my plan to revitalize AC:
                                 A. Sports book 
                                 B. Open container law on the board walk
                                 C. Dress codes at outdoor bars after 9:00 pm
                                 D. More police presence in and around the boardwalk area.
                                 E. Beach Chair rentals.
                                 F. Open container law so obviously beer stands along the board walk.
                                G.  More non casino bars.
                                 H. Few more out door bars.

12. Car rides on long road trips can make or break the whole thing. Thank god I had a good one.
13. Adderall is a thing, mofos popping them like Pez.
14. Being nice and friendly doesn't cost a thing.
15. I haven't heard from Bill Smiddy since his big break up, I hope he is doing ok.
16. Sometimes you just need a bro's weekend - full of laughing, drinking, ball busting, relaxing and occasionally blacking out.

I am sure there is a bunch of shit I forgot because I legit lost about 6 hours of time on Saturday night.

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