Monday, August 31, 2015

Summers over

Labor day weekend is fast approaching and that marks the end of summer. I hope everyone had a blast!!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Up until this weekend I had never seen a crow on the beach before. It was kind of weird seeing crows and seagulls.
2. Chrissy is looking for that father of the year award, certainly moved up a few notches with his father/daughter day at the Marshfield fair.
3. If you cant get down with naps then I probably cant get down with you.
4. I hope you guys have been watching Hard Knocks, JJ Watt is a fucking animal.
5. Congrats to Mario and Ashley on their wedding. Great times had by all.
6. Farmers Almanac is a dick.
7. It is official Mike Foley is coming back to Quincy at the end of the month, Chrissy is helping him come back!
8. Backstrap BBQ in Winthrop is legit as fuck.
9. How did I just find out about $2 tacos on Wednesday nights, at Plaza Azteca in Hingham?
10. Who doesn't like surprise delivery?
11. Fucking hang nails are a bitch.
12. Automotive mechanics are such scam artists.
13. I can probably go without gin for a long ass time.
14. What do you guys know about Sesame street place? The MacPhails are heading there this weekend so they won't be crashing any Labor Day cookouts.
15. Everyday you should get after it.
16. How many fantasy leagues is too many? Asking for a friend.

Yes, I am on vacation and I just blogged.
No, Smiddy did not make the Long wedding.