Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It was a battle - a 59 minute battle

It was like the Thunderdome, 2 men enter one man leaves type shit:
 A battle of  man vs a 3 lb burger. In this corner we have Mike "Flounder" Foley, Chris "Boom Boom" Leaden and Chrissy "I paid for it so I am eating it all" MacPhail.

Ian, the catering manager running this shit show at Fuddruckers said the total weight of the burger - patty, cheese, bacon, and bun was 5 total lbs.

Out of the gate Chrissy started with a furious pace - half the burger was gone in 6 minutes. Leaden went for more of a slow and steady wins the race approach. Meanwhile, Foley was methodically slicing and dicing his way to a win.

Here is what Foley had left. When he realized half way through, that he had no chance he wrapped up what was left and called it a day.

Effort: C+ 
Results: C

The tortoise did not win this race. Leaden left around 1 lbs left (that's beef, cheese, bacon and bun).
Effort: B 
Result: B+

Look at the size of that fucking burger:

Chrissy had 3/4ths of the burger done with in a half an hour. After a quick puke with 15 minutes to go he tried to finish the last of it but another dash to the bathroom with 5 minutes left was in order. After his second puke, and with a minute to spare he finished off the last of it)
(Sorry for the poor quality picture - I think Rio still has a Nokia flip phone)

Sorry bout the bad camera work. That was William "Junior Whopper" Smiddys one job.
As you can see  my job was to hype up the crowd and get everyone in the joint involved.


As they say WINNERS WIN!
For all his hard work Chrissy gets a free t shirt(mustard yellow) and 2 free meals at Fuddruckers.
57 had tried it but only 4 had succeeded!

It looks like this trio is off to try this next:

Anyone else feel up to it?

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