Monday, December 18, 2023

Rain Rain Go away

 ...if you say at least its not snow - I will give you a throat punch. Its 63 in FUCKING DECEMBER!!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Hope that you all finished your Christmas shopping. If not Cash is Still King.

2. Mario's coat drive was a success. Lots of laughs and the food was killer.

3. There is nothing worse than Taco Bell not giving you any hot sauces.

4. I heard Martell is working as a bar back part time at the Hoffy.

5. Feliz Navidad Bitches!

6. Chrissy is on a HEATER!

7. Andy Capp Hot Fries are so inconsistent. Sometimes the bags fire and others they are borderline the same as cheddar.

8. Why is Jimmy Fallon singing Xmas blow it out your ass.

9. Nothing beats a good nap.

10. Wait, what was that? Oh sorry I am still battling the worlds longest fucking cold.

11. The old Hanover mall area is really turning into a Legacy Place part 2.

12. Does anyone else end up with NFL fatigue by the time Monday nights game rolls on?

13. Reacher season 2 has started out with a bang.

14.  Who drinks Crystal light in 2023?

1 comment:

The guy who might have been the Billy Packard of control if not for Newton. said...

14. crystal light causes ana leakage.