Monday, June 26, 2023

So glad

 I am so glad that we have become Seattle of the North east with all this rain.

This is what I learned the past 2 weeks:

1. I guess some people think I am a FUCKING ASSHOLE. I am ok with this.

2. Great wedding on Friday night, lots of laughs and great catching up with friends.

3. Bye bye Broncos nuts...tomorrow is the day.

4. TK is heading to NYC to visit his daughter, wish the old man luck.

5. Go fuck yourself is a perfectly acceptable answer to most anything.

6. Brittney vs Christina Brunch on July 29th...see ya there.

7. I heard Chrissy tried to meet up with Grillo for some drinks but Grillo was too cool for school.

8. Banging out a last minute best man speech for your 12 year old nephew at a wedding is fucking wild.

9. You guys hear Chris Youngs new banger?

10. Shocking to see the MacPhails are going to zero concerts after attending 12540674 last year.

11. My Jeep is finally over 60K!

12. See ya in 2 weeks...vacation next week.

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