Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Doublicious will be available Monday July 5th

Those crazy mother fuckers over at KFC are at it again. They couldn't/wouldn't stop at the double down. They now are going to serve the Doublicious.

I know, I know why the name??

"The Hawaiian bread provides a nice, sweet taste that complements the savory flavor of the chicken. Sweet and savory, therefore 'Doublicious'," said a spokesman for KFC.

It consists of an 'Original Recipe filet,' bacon, monterey jack and the infamous 'Colonel's Sauce' that debuted with the Double Down. There's also a grilled version.

Original Recipe Doublicious

Grilled for a more healthy option(HEALTHY SMEALTHY)

The Doublicious will be available Monday July 5th. Stay tuned. You know that I can not resist trying this bitch!! Hopefully the local KFC won't be too mobbed. I'll buy one or two and have a review on Monday.

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