Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Man on Man

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

This is what I  learned this weekend:
1. Known fact that a holiday is a holiday is a holiday even for the blog.
2. Yes, I am the guy who leaves his shirt on at the beach so I dont burn. Deal with it.
3. Speaking of burns, Chrissy hows them lobster red legs coming along?
4. You know summer has started when Plunkett rocks out at the Improper!
5. Mario rocking a S7, #notteamiphone.
6. The new X-men movie is ok. I can see why it got bad reviews, Apocalyse is kind of a let down and there is a slow build up.
7. I heard the DC rebirth comic is pretty good. Basically blaming Dr Manattan for the failed new 52.
8. Sleeping on your neeck wrong is a shitty way to start your day.
9. Steph Curry vs Lebron in the Finals...no way the NBA lets Lebron lose.
10. Fuck you, sour grapes. When I want grapes I do not want them to be sour.
11. Do you ever get too old to wear a hat?
12. Chrissy is looking for any tattoo ideas. Either a full back piece or a calf. Put your suggestions in the comments section.

Sorry this one is short and sweet but gotta run and do some work.


ChiefBlogRuinner said...

Kum Dumpstah (lower back) your welcome Christian

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