Monday, May 2, 2016

May day

May is here mother fuckers. This year is flying. The Mustache Pub Crawl is only 19 days away, who needs a shirt. WHAT THE FUCK!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. 16C in Quincy center(the old Granite rail) is pretty good. A little expensive but the Quiet man steak tips are legit.
2. Wuburger is now open in Cambridge.
3. Jeffrey does not care for April baseball.
4. The Mill Store down the cape is apparently where you go for some flower window boxes.
5. When did Windy City hot dogs move to Norwell?
6. Who knew that old people are offended by dry humping the air in a packed bar?
7. We have all fallen asleep while waiting to go out and meet someone, right?
8. Look like Calnan is on the mend again. Kids rocking a boot.
9. Sad to see the Celtics at least not make it to a game 7.
10. I will never ever go to another 4 year olds soccer game again. Maybe ill try back in 4 more years.
11. What age do you stop doing shots? Asking for a friend.
12. If you make it down the cape, I would recommend you hit up JDs Burger Company, in Sandwich.
13. I stopped watching Game of Thrones after 3 episodes last year, should I get back into it?
14. Don't forget that Mothers day is Sunday. Get your loved ones something special this year.

Gotta run and grab some breakfast.