Thursday, June 2, 2016

This Guy Killed Harambe...........

Look I don't normally feel really strong on many issues. Could care less about so much it could fill a warehouse or two. Normally only thing that really gets me going lately is Tub O' Meghan Trainor

but what I am solid 100 pct against is Endangered Animals Assasinations. Case in point that gentle giant taken from us way to soon Harambe.

And I know a lot of parents read this and your going to be quick to blame the parents or maybe even worse take the side of his Asssassin because kids are our greatest resource and they change your life blah blah blah etc.

Well I'm telling you right now. DISNEY killed Harambe. How you say? Well picture says a thousands words

There it is. How many times do you think that  kid saw the Jungle Book? 2 dozen? Probably countless since Millenial Parents today let Disney raise their children. How was that kid suppose to know a Gorilla is dangerous? When kids today are bombarded with images of giant friendly animals via Disney? I think the only real "legal" question left is how many Disney movies has this child watched?

Since I don't embrace excuses, I'm here to offer a solution. So without further adieu I introduce Drunknothings EDUCATIONAL Animal Mauling of the Week ( I'll give you a minute to gather the little ones)


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