Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Funday?

I am on vacation next week and that means I won't be blogging, so I decided that I would do a Friday ramblings type post. More so that I won't get any 7:30/8:00 wake up texts asking why there is no blog (Rolling my eyes at you Chrissy and Riccio). Plus most people won't check this thing till Monday anyways so it will be new to them then.

Friday ramblings:
1. Man, Morrissey Blvd has become a NASCAR super speedway between 3-7pm, Monday through Friday.
2. Who is throwing together a Fathers day Brunch for Paddy? He is underway on his adoption process!
3. How can people like coffee but hate iced coffee?
4. Just found out that male menopause exists after you turn 40, right Chiefdude?
5. You would think that thousandaire ideas would be easier to launch.
6. Do you have a top 10 candy bar list? Not fruit type candies like Starbursts, Skittles or Jolly ranchers(Obviously I has them on there). I have recently had this discussion and wanted your lists.
7. Still looking for a 4th for golf on Monday morning, tee time is 10 am at North Hill in Duxbury.
8. We all have a few friends that you have to do a wellness check on from time to time, know what I am saying?
9. Still haven't heard back from anyone in regards to making it to the Chipman Family Pig roast. Looks like a solo outing.

10. It seems like everyone and their mother is writing and publishing children's books
11. There are just some people that just don't get along, like 2 magnets. What can you do?
12. What is your take on bloody Mary's? Yes or no? Morning only? Or anytime?
13. What temperature is the cut off for a beach day - 68 degrees?
14. Is there anything more annoying than the guy who constantly makes plans with you, only to break them when something "better" comes along?

Here is my candy list:
1. Kit Kat
2. Reeces Peanut Butter cup
3. Mounds/Almond Joy
4. Reeces Pieces
5. Hershey - kisses, mini candy bars or full size bars
6.M & M peanuts
7. Man I loved Whatchamacallits when I was little
8. Twix bars
9. Caramellos
10. 100 Grand bar

Sorry Snickers and Milky Way.