Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don' Talk in a Movie Theater in "Philly"

Phila. man shot because family talked during movie

By Barbara Boyer

A South Philadelphia man enraged because a father and son were talking during a Christmas showing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button took care of the situation when he pulled a .380-caliber gun and shot the father, police said.

James Joseph Cialella Jr., 29, of the 1900 block of Hollywood Street is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and weapons violations.

"It's truly frightening when you see something like this evolve into such violence," said police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore.

Police were called to the Riverview Theatre in the 1400 block of Columbus Boulevard about 9:30 p.m. where the gunshot victim, a Philadelphia man who was not identified, told police a man sitting near him told his family to be quiet and threw popcorn at his son.

After exchanging words, Vanore said Cialella allegedly got out of his seat to confront the family when the father got up to protect them. That's when the victim was shot once in the left arm, sending others in the theatre running to safety.

Cialella then sat down to watch the movie. Police arrived a short time later and arrested Cialella and confiscated his weapon, Vanore said.

I believe this man must read Iggles Grievances because it sure does sound like one.


Iggles said...

He sat back down to watch the movie....that's the best part.

I paid $11 to watch the MoFo and I'm gonna get my money's worth!

d said...

Glad to see Chief dude back on the blogging

Anonymous said...

we are all glad to see chief dude back rumor had he lost his blog rights, BUDGET CUTS

Iggles said...

everyone has gone MIA....cheifdude, katie k, stylegal, rio, and rumors are swirling mjt can't figure out how to post.

Anonymous said...

MJT got booted early on, had to go through iggles to get his posting privelages and he didnt want to go that route, 09 he's putting up his own blog! Probably handwritten cuz he's no techie!