Thursday, December 11, 2008



Sorry Mrs. Iggles….it’s your turn. I can admit it….I’m just like every other guy out there when it comes to my electronic gadgets. So we have the usual things in the Iggles Household. Nothing extravagant just the basics like a computer, cell phones, cameras, XBOX 360, etc….. but my true addiction is the TV. We have a plasma flat screen in the living room and an LCD flat screen in the bedroom. And topping it off we have an HD receiver in both rooms with a DVR so we don’t miss any of our shows. Those of you that have an HD receiver know that most of your channels are broadcast in normal and in HD. So it seems fairly obvious to me that if you have the option of watching a show in normal or in HD you would pick HD. Why would you not? It doesn’t seem like a logical choice to watch a show in a smaller format with less quality. Am I wrong on this one?

Enter Mrs. Iggles! I walk in the door and she is watching either House Hunters on HGTV (Home & Garden Television for you single guys out there) or It’s Me Or The Dog on Animal Planet. Quick Side Note: That British dog trainer lady drives me nuts…..for some reason people with British accents bother me. I sure am glad I don’t have an accent.

Anyway, every time Mrs. Iggles watches these shows she watches it on the non-HD channel? Now I can accept the fact if you’re just surfing the channels and come across a show and not realize you also have that channel in HD. But this happens every single night and when I walk in the door I say the same thing….’why aren’t you watching this in HD?’ It’s like Groundhog Day but just for the first 5 minutes after I get home. Now I know you negative people out there assume Mrs. Iggles is doing it on purpose just to piss me off but she truly forgets every time. How is this possible? Seriously...I must have shown Mrs. Iggles at least 10 times where the HD channels are so it's not like she can't find them. If we are going to watch TV this way why don’t we just cancel the cable and start watching TV on an old black and white and save me the $100 monthly cable bill. Uggghhhhhh


Anonymous said...

Can I get an update on the Dart Playoffs??? Mr. Booze was the MVP on Thursday stepping up huge and leading his team to Round 2.
Fuck Mikey Shits, Gary, Pat L. and Chuck T.

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If it makes you feel better Mrs. Chiefdude does the same exact thing

d said...

Women do not care what the quality of video is

Anonymous said...

Hope gary, chuckles and mikeyshits got full playoff shares