Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Wondering??

Can someone please tell me where Frank Brown is hiding? I am starting to get a little worried I have not seen or heard any news of him doing any his crazy antics since he licked the bird shit off the truck. Is he alive and well? Or at least just alive? if anyone has any information to his whereabouts please feel free to chime in at anytime thanks....A Concerned friend

PS--Wheres Fab?


Anonymous said...

where is fab?? checked the b's bandwagon his seat is empty, i'm concerned

d said...

Last I saw/heard from him he was practicing shot gunning beers!

I have sent him a message via the text message - hopefully it finds him.

Iggles said...

We need Frank Brown at the end of the fantasy year get together. Introducing himself as the REAL Defending Champ!