Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Festivus for the Rest of us...

Its December 23rd and the official day of Festivus.
Feel free to air your Grievances in the comments section of this posting.

The Festivus celebration includes three major components.
The Festivus Pole - display of an unadorned aluminum pole, apparently in opposition to the commercialization of the decorated Christmas trees.
The Airing of Grievances - where the celebrant tells their friends and family all of the instances where they disappointed the celebrant that year.
The Feats of Strength - where the head of the family tests their strength against one participant. Festivus is not considered over until the head of the family has been pinned. A participant is allowed to decline to attempt to pin the head of the family only if they have something better to do instead."

Is anyone else in the Christmas mood? I certainly am. Probably more so than in most other years. Maybe because I really didn't go to the malls much or do much shopping. Online shopping and Cash this year! Winnah Winnah Chicken Dinnah.

I got the best present last night:

Signed by Turk himself.

That is probably the second best gift I ever received. The first being my autographed Rice, Lynn and Evans photo:

I just want to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas. I know some of you will be traveling and not wanting to check the blog so I will do it now.

Update on Chrissys mustache:

3 weeks strong baby!!

Saturday at Coops UFC 92:

It also happens my 31st bday and yet another reason drink.


Anonymous said...

that stache may have been started TOO EARLY!! looks sweet as mine

Anonymous said...

i actually thought the same thing. i might shave and start it again in mid february...