Thursday, December 4, 2008



Annoying Bus Driver! For the MBTA bus driver that picks me up everyday for the ride to Back Bay. Lets first talk about this beeping problem you have. The horn is not there to be blown every 5 seconds while sitting in stopped traffic. I would love to know what you think you are accomplishing? Seriously guy…how do you have a license to drive a bus? This is not Ethiopia so stop with the freakin’ horn! The next thing is the crazy songs you sing. Everyday that I hear you sing I’m deeply concerned that this is some Muslim ritual that is sung before you blow us all to Hell. Well, I’m not going to Hell because I’m Atheist but you get my point. You are a horrible singer and it scares the hell out of everyone on the bus. I swear IT’S LIKE THIS EVERY DAY DAMN IT!

So Mr. Annoying Bus Driver this will be your last warning do not force me to make it my mission in life to have you deported back to Ethiopia or whatever third world country you came from. You can get in line with the rest of your friends waiting for a one-way ticket out of the country.

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