Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Entertainment Update

So....the holidays are approaching and we have a ton of running around and shopping..and tons of drinking and eating.  What a better way to start up a conversation at the next holiday party with talking about the Hollywood elites and there going ons!!
This week Mark Ruffalo tragically lost his brother, Scott, age 39.  Scott was a stylist to the stars and worked out in LA as a professional hairstylist.  Scott has had a history with the law in the past. Two suspects have been brought in for custody for the death of Ruffalo.  Apparently, he like to play with guns while blowing a line or two. So the rumour is that he was playing a game of Russian Roulette and shot himself in the head.  None of this has been confirmed but it is what is being said....Such a tragedy to happen to a brother, father, son and husband.
TR Knight, George O'Malley, from Grey's Anatomy has expressed that he would like to break his contract with Grey's.  He wants to leave the show.  Apparently, he has been acting like a diva on set, leaving table readings.  As an avid watcher of the show this year noticeably George has been in alot of scenes and has no story line in Greys.  Who watches Greys?  I know I do...but i am starting to re-think it. This year it just isn't doing it that well for me..The whole Izzy/Denny scenes drive me nuts!! If it was for Dr. Owen Hunt then I wouldn't be watching it at all. 
Britney Spears new album, Circus, has risen to the top of the charts.  Things are defiantly looking up for Ms. Spears!  She has been all over the television, radio, Internet.  She is proving that she is back.  I am so happy for her and hope that it all works out in the end for her!
Ricky Martin, showed off his beautiful twins,  Valentino and Matteo.  He is the father and had a surrogate carry them for him.  They are beautiful!
Again, you know i am intrigued with the Vampires.....They are so interesting.  I highly rec commend True Blood on HBO.  I don't have HBO but have found several websites that carry the show online and it streams so no downloading  :)  It is really really good..

What did everyone think about Jizz in my Pants video this weekend on SNL?  I thought it was hilarious!!
Dont forget about the Pub Crawl this weekend..good luck with shopping...and have fun at parties...



Anonymous said...

THE BLOG made it official that brit was back with that video of the week last week

d said...

here is the jizz in my pants!!