Friday, December 26, 2008

Costanza Alert - Week 17!

"She thinks I'm a nice guy. Women always think I'm nice. But women don't want nice. Why is nice bad? What kind of a sick society are we living in when nice is bad?" - George, in "The Cafe"

Who’s it gonna be? We got Smidawgs and Defending Champs battling it out for last place. Dead Beat Dad, Street Pharmacist, and Sflabo all have a shot to finish in first place.

DAWGS is trailing by 9 points and needs to find a way to change directions and pull out of the basement. DAWGS picked up LeRon McClain and is looking to start him over Warrick Dunn and Mewelde Moore. We have all pleaded with DAWGS to play Dunn this week but it looks like McClain is going to get the start. The Costanza Girls are not happy with this and are begging DAWGS to play Dunn. Oakland stinks and you can expect TB to get up early in this game, if that happens Gruden will play it close to the vest and let Dunn run the ball to eat up time. Dunn is a lock for 100+ rushing yards/1 TD/5 receptions. Gotta start him DAWGS.

CHAMPS is in a tough spot since Maurice Jones-Drew is banged up and playing against a tough Ravens defense but they don’t have any other options at RB. It also looks like CHAMPS is gonna go with Gonzalez at the WR spot and that is the right play. CHAMPS has most of their players going at 1pm so look for them to post a number early and see if DAWGS can catch up in the late games. It looks like The Reach of the Draft Vincent Jackson will be the deciding factor on who wears the dress this year.

Onto the side bets. The DEAD BEAT/NIGGERISH bet is still close. Antonio Gates has a 15 point lead over Chris Cooley, the only question is can Cooley snap out of his TD funk. If not, it looks like NIGGERISH is taking a drive out Route 9 to visit the Iggles Household. JSL has a bet with CHAMPS over who scores more points between Felix Jones and Anthony Gonzalez. Looks like CHAMPS ran away with this one and are looking forward to receive payment from JSL on Sunday. JSL also has a bet with DAWGS that the Pats will not win the Super Bowl this year, I guess we’ll need to wait a few weeks to determine who the winner of this one is.

We also have a new bet on the books between DEAD BEAT and DAWGS. Who will score more points this weekend…….Dunn or McClain. If Dunn scores more points than DEAD BEAT gets to pick out the dress DAWGS wears to the draft next year, if McClain scores more points then DEAD BEAT will pay for the dress (up to $30). If DAWGS finishes in the Beer Bitch position then the bet is off.

A few questions:
1. Are we doing the Playoff Fantasy Challenge again this year? Anyone interested in putting some money on it? Maybe $20 each?
2. Rumor has it CHAMPS is out of town and may not make it on Sunday! Sounds like you got him running scared DAWGS.
3. Starting to sound like the day after Christmas is the new Black Friday. Anybody see the deals that are out there right now? Kohls has 60-80% off. My Jewishness loves it!
4. Anybody have any thoughts on the Costanza of the Year Award winner? I have some people in mind but wasn’t sure if we could get a consensus.
5. Hope everyone had a great holiday. We have a few new members in the Festivus Club. Anyone else interested in joining?

Before we get to the Cheerleader of the Week we are still awaiting official word from the Commissioner but in the event there is a tie for last place both teams will be required to wear a dress to next years draft. We are also waiting on a ruling about CHAMPS…..if they come in last do both co-owners have to wear a dress or is it just one of the owners?

Cheerleader of the Week
Amanda Store – Houston Texans
College – Loyola University
Major – Broadcast Journalism
Hobbies – Cooking, Reading, Traveling
How I Stay Fit – Dance and strength training


Anonymous said...

no way smiddy finishes in last!! first to worst for Carlos!!

Anonymous said...

does this blog shut down when the football season ends?