Wednesday, December 3, 2008


You all now what Wednesday is...HUMP DAY!!
So Happy Hump Day to you all.

Here is a quick link to the 11 lamest blogs out there. They are so bad that they are good, kind of like a cheesy 80's movie.

The dart team put up big numbers last night in a huge 9-2 win. Gary QUIT on the team but Chrissy stepped right in. Now the playoffs start. Lets hope we can get deep into the playoffs. Peggys needs a trophy DAMNIT! Thanks to everyone for a good season but it is not over yet.

I can not believe Iggles gave D-street Dirtballs the Costanza this week. I feel like MFN was robbed. Basically took myself out of contention for the overall 1st place spot. 40 points!!


Anonymous said...

stepped in? i was undefeated! so good the last guy forfeited cuz he was skeered!!! what was that useless gary's record????

d said...

Yeah well maybe if you worked a regular job you could play on tuesdays