Saturday, December 6, 2008



The Left Lane Is The Passing Lane! Please people……I’m begging. There is absolutely no reason to be in the passing lane (that would be the left lane for you idiots out there) unless you are actually passing someone. If you are driving at the same speed as the car to your immediate right then you have 2 choices. Speed up and then move over or slow down and then move over. I don’t care which but move the fuck over!

I’ll admit it…..I’m a NASCAR fan. Especially the super speedway races in Daytona and Talladega…..I can’t get enough of the bump drafting. Now I’m no expert but I do understand the principles behind bump drafting. So I have absolutely no reservations in employing these tactics on the highway. Either get out of the way or I’ll hit you……’rubbin’ is racin’ harry’!

And yes…..I’m the jerk that rides 2 feet from your bumper while doing 65 on the highway. If you don’t like it then either speed up and move over or slow down and move over. Again…..I don’t care which as long as you get out of my way.

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d said...

Now why would you have to put Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder on here?
Cole Always goes to the outside!!!