Wednesday, December 10, 2008



To My Fellow Morning Walkers! I appreciate the fact you like to walk to work from Back Bay with a co-worker…..Safety first and all that other stuff. But if you had a 100 yard head start on me and I caught up to you in 4 blocks then you are walking way too slow. Everyone has there own pace and I respect that. But if you insist on walking slow, is it necessary to block up the entire sidewalk while you are chit chatting away? Please move out of the way so I can get by you. I’ve just about finished my first 24oz coffee and at this time in the morning and I’m in desperate need of a refill. If you insist on continuing to block the sidewalk, then you will leave me no choice but to follow directly behind you at a very uncomfortable distance and blow my cigarette smoke all over you. Don’t make me do it because I will!


d said...

man I dont think people like the greivances

Iggles said...

I dont think I care

Anonymous said...

haha smoke em if you got em!! i LOVE the grievances cuz i can relate