Monday, April 4, 2011

Time to jump ship?

Three games into the new baseball season and people are ready to jump ship on the Sox? UHM HELLO there are 158 MORE games this year people. I hope to see you all down by Fenway on Friday. I have yet to score any tickets but I will be down there getting my drank on.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Digging a 4 foot hole straight down is a daunting task.
2. How could anyone ask the Uconn - Kentucky game to be turned off in favor of the 2nd Sox game of the season?
3. Wrestlemania 27 was awesome. I wouldn't get it every year but it was a good show. Plus it is $59.99 now.
4. Some chicks shouldn't dye their hair blonde. Especially if it makes your hair look fake.
5. I feel like there is some secret beard fraternity. Every time I see some random with a beard they give me the head nod. Kinda creepy.
6. Jeffrey wants to host a Presidents day pub crawl, in Quincy, the city of Presidents next year. Who is in?
7. There are lots of good stories out there about Lou Gorman but I like this one the best.
8. No one loves the baseball trip reviews more than Joe Martell. Makes him mad that he has never been on one.
9. Chrissy is headed to Baltimore this summer and is willing to meet up with whoever and do whatever. You have been warned.
10. The Bruins have already started charging me for the playoffs. Relax guys, you will get your effing money.
11. Jeffrey's new karaoke song is Cheap Trick's I want you to want me.
12. BJ's sells some good frozen scallops wrapped in bacon.
13. Katie is going to try her hand at gardening this summer. Lets hope we get good tomatos, peppers and squash.
14. April 24th can not come soon enough. Yes Easter Sunday is April 24th.
15. Who doesn't love jelly beans? I mean I don't like black licorice ones but other than that skies the limit.

Lets hope the Bruins have a nice run to finish out the season and carry that momentum into the playoffs. The Sox will be fine people. Just relax!