Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday oh Monday

I hope everyone enjoyed the nice weather we had this weekend.  I know it only got up to 74 yesterday but I still managed to get a little color.

Lets move on to what I learned this weekend:
1. Hull is better known as Brockton by the sea. Who knew?
2. Boyz II Men still have it:

3. Only 5 Bruins have ever scored 50 goals in a season. Can you name them without looking them up? I know some one who can.
4. William J Smiddy don't like Mark Rayne...not one effing bit.
5.  Jeffrey and Sarah are having a baby. If it is a boy, Derek  is a great name!
6. The Twin Rivers casino isn't  bad. I mean you do have to buy your own drinks but it is only 40 minutes away.
7. It is never a good thing when your dog rips his stitches. 
8. I guess people hate shoot outs in the playoffs...WAIT WHAT!?
9. Remick's had a very nice looking menu but I only got a burger. Seems like its right up Smiddy's wheel house.
11. Jeff Corwin shops at the feed store in Scituate. Just an everyday man.
12. I am so glad Lent is over. I didn't think giving up snacks, snacking and candy could be that hard.
13. The Sox are on a roll and everyone is back on the band wagon.
14. Welchie is secretly addicted to Words with friends - user name goodandyou. Give him a good game you lazar.

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Julie said...

I strongly disagree with #1.