Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Monday Monday

I love this weather. I wish it was 55-72 year round. Rolling in jeans, t-shirts and sweat shirts 24/7.

Lets see what could I of learned this weekend:
1. Someone told me - You see a Folan you punch a Folan.
2. Jambalaya is not for me. Maybe I didn't make it spicy enough. I just didn't get it.
3. Raking leaves blows.
4. Windy City Eats is legit.
5. The Fours in Quincy is still the Thursday night spot. They still got bomb ass beef stew.
6. The Braintree dump is nasty and gross and just plain disgusting.
7. I think that Stop & Shop may have better steak tips than Roxies.
8. I love the Sunday Supper club. You never know who is going to show up.
9. The new Bruins $5 tickets are better than the old $2 tickets. I have won more than I have lost on them.
10. Forgetting to properly fill out your football card properly is embarrassing and sucky all rolled into one. How could I forget to fill out the stub?
11. We need more Marylou's News! ASAP!
12. Breakfast should never be $26.00 for 2 people unless its some sort of all you can eat brunch. French toast and an omlette with a juice and hot chocolate - I THINK NOT.
13. Nathan Horton is the real deal.

Have a nice week. Hope to see some of you at the Bruins game this Thursday.
R.I.P team Iggles. It was a nice run. You can always GM for MFNMP.

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