Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 7...another New Sheriff in town

From the desk of TMX a fantasy football reporting source with a loose affiliation with the number 11 ranked website on the www's).......

In an effort to fill the void of the Iggles weekley review TMX will now write a fantasy review based only on who finished in last. TMX is COMMITTED to 30% honesty in all its reporting and this review will be no different we will not compromise our committement to honesty. We will only attempt to assist the team that came in last and at times it may seem harsh but the world is harsh. I believe it was rap superstars naughty by nature that said and we are quoting " if you dont understand fantasy, dont play fantasy, stay the eff away from fantasy" In other words if you dont play or want to read the following skip it.

This weeks last place team was BOBBY BROWNS OTHER KID: It almost is unimaginable how a team with such a team name could be last in anything but it happened. The kid put up a whopping 69 points this week. The breakdown is as follows- Jay Cutler 12pts; Newly Acquired BenJarvis Green-Ellis- 8pts; Shady Mccoy 10pts; Miles Austin 2pts; Reggie Wayne 10pts; Celek 6pts; Folk 7pts and Vikings D 14pts.

TMX recommendations for this last place finish is obvious- WAIVER WIRE! The browns just got lazy here like when Bobby Brown was on the VH1 hit show FIT CLUB. Traded Mike Wallace a key reserve for ben jarvis green ellis rather than scouring the wire ( Chris Ivory 21.5pts) and saving a valuable trade piece. The browns are stacked at wr and other teams are hurting. He also could have grabbed a better qb like Kevin Kolb ( aside from killing desean jackson) has alot of weapons and is far more consistent than jay cutler. TMX not only recommends it also goes above and beyond. We took it upon ourselves to contact Tony "holy" Romo and ask him why Miles Austin only had 2pts. Mr Romo responded with this " they called back a huge td and after that i didnt trust "the man" to not continue to hold us down so i was forced to look elsewhere" TMX said do you realize bobbybrowns other kid needed a big day and Mr. Romo responded " oh really? tell the (expletive) not to start the (expletive) vikings defense against me then, kid got what he deserved" So i guess that sums it up.

In closing bobbybrowns other kid is currently comfortably in 6th place with the byes behind him so he should be fine and in TMX view you are already a winner because you didnt take your ball and go home like Iggles who QUIT the league so keep you head up and go get 'em this week.

TMX reminds you- FOLAN.COM for everything

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